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81 Jelly

Swears a lot but great and funny

He is a good you-tuber I think he if funny doesn't say too many bad words.But most of his videos are funny.

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82 Shaytards

I love the shaytards so much. Good sense of humor. Never gets bored

No. Just no. When you think about it, the inappropriate jokes, never played Minecraft, get this channel off!

There videos are so long and boring

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83 EthanGamerTV

The guy is a cute kid and I'm wondering why he isn't at the top of the list because since he IS a kid, he should be the most child-friendly!

Funny be he is sometimes very immature

Holy spit that's my name!

Best kid YouTuber ever - Sausagelover99

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84 Wonder Quest

Wonder Quest is a very educational YouTube channel. Absolutely no swearing, friendly guest stars (Other famous You Tubers), and makes learning fun! I think that it is 100% family-friendly, although it is geared towards younger kids. I would recommend it for young children.

Wonder quest made me download Minecraft and learn loss of new things

It is stamp's mini series

Wonder quest is Stampylonghead watch him kids or stampy will kiss your ass

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85 ZaiLetsPlay
86 Yammyxox

He sucks and he is fake

So sorry yammy oh just try harder try sending child friendly

Yammy is great and she is a GIRL!

Yammy is child-friendly and a GIRL!

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87 Little Kelly Minecraft

She is really good and she is more of for kids ages 5+ and of course for Minecraft fans!

She Is Kid Friendly

She is VERY child-friendly but, her voice might get on peoples mind

She is a grat YouTuber but still needs some work maybe by connecting to the viewers more?

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88 RadioJH Games

Her videos are awesome! I do not understand why she is not in top 5.She does not cuss and is funny for the whole family!

I can relate to her so much! I love how she follows her dreams and how she is so confident!

They're like 12! Come on! And it says it in they're description!

She herself is a kid so you can expect her to be kid friendly

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89 Boltz the Clown

Clown I am scared of (gulp) clowns

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90 Gothymothy!

Totally awesome YouTuber appropriate exept his happy wheels videos and his funny refrences and innendo he is young his selp and deserves subs

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91 Strawburry17

Never swears in her videos and includes a variety of segments. She uploads everyday and there is always something for everyone on her channel!

UH... Strawburry is so happy and cheerful. There is nothing un-kid-friendly in her videos!

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92 Wun Wun

Wun wun is a friend of Jumbo and they sometimes play together or vs eachother.Wun wun doesn't talk or curse in any of his videos, that I'm aware of, but he is also great at agario.

Wun wun does not play Minecraft but he is also great at agario.

93 Joey Graceffa

He does swear a lot if you are not allowed to here swearing just mo

He is inappropriate don't watch one of his crazy craft videos

Joey is a male YouTuber who will drop damn a lot in newer videos but he will swear if he gets frustrated but tries his best not to swear, if he does swear though he will not edit it out

hi joey

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94 CreeperFarts

He is awesome and doesn't swear. I love CreeperFarts.

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95 Taurtis

He is in Yandere High School Roleplay made my SamGladiator he is also in Tokyo Soul also made by SamGladiator he dose not say curse word (in the roleplays) he also has his own content which is Build battle and build swap that he does with Grian

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96 Grian

Grian makes videos about building. I've tried some and they look amazing he never swears.

He's si nicE!

He's fine.

Great news that you have seen Grian
I watch him too

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97 Brftan V 2 Comments
98 TheMinecraftHippie

I personally don't think he is for kids he always says ding dong down below but the boys and the proper word

Ok... I won't say he curses A LOT, but he does say things that aren't kid friendly. In his Minecraft Comes Alive series, he says " bad things " but usually he's funny and doesn't say bad things. But he DOES let certain things slip out.

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99 MrWoofless

He rarely cusses. He is funny and isn't really that inappropriate.

Loves him #rob has no job! Cool man clean and should be in top ten

You are amazing

Woof is bae and doesn't cuss
his videos are super chill and awesome

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100 Grav3yardgirl

Doesn't play Minecraft but is a hilarious person. Has a series called "Does This Thing Really Work?! " Where she tests as seen on T.V. products. Never swears

I love her but I don't know why she's on this list if this is a Minecraft YouTubers list...

She does super make up tutorials and makes me laugh every 3 seconds

She is coo coo!

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