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121 CraftBattleDuty

Never ever cusses he is so family friendly

I started to cry because I couldn't see him HE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE

No just no I saw that he type the s word on his 2nd channel no.. just no

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122 Aviatorgaming

He used to swear and he does talk about inappropriate stuff on his Newlyweds series but you know, That's Life. What up old sims show that isn't running on his channel anymore reference?! - Icegirl119

Aviator if I meat him in real life I would actually die

He is the best he plays the sims and other mini games on his second channel aviatorgamez. On his main he plays Minecraft. He never cusses. when he plays with other people they kind or cuss

He swear sometimes but not all

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123 Christopher Arones V 1 Comment
124 Toadlet25

He doesn't cuss on His Super Fun Time Videos and check out Super Fun Time

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125 Thecampingrushet
126 Bashurverse

I think that the only time I ever heard him swear was when the Bahmlounge guys made him think that Steve was drunk and peed on the carpet. and the time that they made him think that his house was getting robbed and they acted like they were going to kill him. but other than that, he's a pretty clean guy - Icegirl119

WHAT THE BALLS I'm 105 in ranking. (Exactly what Bashurverse would say)

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127 Hannah Carr/Cybernova

She also reviews toys. She is a really nice Minecraft you tuber as well. Recommend her!

Definitely kid friendly. She also played with other gamers that are kid friendly.


128 Crainer Commentates

Never cusses but does say crap but overall hilarious

His ultimate goal is to get all his subscribers to laugh and he is amazing. He should be higher up because he does Minecraft against ssundee, and he does other things. He posts 3 videos, does not cuss, vlogs apologizing about his voice. He says crap in his videos five or six times. Vote Crazy Family.

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129 Radiojh

As long I watch her videos she never swears or curses

Never cusses or curses or swears

Radiojh is kid friendly

Shes nice never swears,curse.

130 Mr.funny's games

This is me. I am a kid. So it is kid friendly. I play Minecraft sometimes.

131 Slamacow

I seriously never hear him speak. I just watch the animated videos because they're so funny!

His animation is one of the best I have ever seen.

So funny my favorite is the zombie

132 GoodTimesWithScar

Scar is a good Minecraft having scarland as his survival world with spawn towers, a tree farm with a massive tree house, a mansion, a suspension bridge, a rollercoaster project and lots more

He does play Call of Duty, the forest etc but he has never swore

He does lets builds on pc like a mansion, rollercoaster, modern houses etc he can be fast at building so id recommend 10+ for lets builds

He does vlogs about charity's and upcoming events

The only bad thing is he is in a wheelchair due to a neuromuscular disease he also has trouble with breathing sometimes but if he does he usually says "ill be back in a minute because of my breathing" then continues on with the video

Age recommendation 6/7-any age

133 ZaiLetsPlay
134 Cubfan135

Rarely swears (only seen him swear twice in his early videos) and rarely cusses.

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135 Diamondarrowminecraft

I think he is a fake of Dan the diamond mine art

No, Fake Dan's wayyy more worse because fake dan copies dantdm's username, videos and everything else! (Its Not FAIR! )

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136 Bereghostgames

He is a good YouTuber he does some videos for older kids 12+ but he also does kids games like roblox and Minecraft with his family for family game night(for family game night my sister has been bugging me about it and that she wants to do that every friday night I have to admit that I want to too lol)

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137 Emzy255

I watch her and lionmaker all the time. No cusses, highly recommended

An amazing YouTuber who never swears mostly plays Xbox 360 she is amazing

138 HBomb

He is awesome! Never swears (only uses mild words like crap or what the hell) but apart from that he is awesome!

139 Dibrickshaw6744
140 Samgladiator

He doesn't swear but says crap and damn but he is family friendly and he doesn't say those words often. I love watching his yandere high school role plays or just his videos in general. He should be in the top ten because he plays Minecraft most of the time, he strays from Minecraft and plays yandere sim. Rarely though.

I love sam he plays with taurtis and gizzy gazza sometimes and neither of the 3 swear. They are very kid friendly.

He swears in every episode I watched his cops and robbers and the f word came about 32 times in 12 mins and it is also in the title sure he doesn't swear in yander high school roleplay but he is not the friendliest YouTuber I have kids of my own and he souldnt even be on the list not even #176 do let your kids watch him unless u are ok with swearing! >8()

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