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141 Samgladiator

He doesn't swear but says crap and damn but he is family friendly and he doesn't say those words often. I love watching his yandere high school role plays or just his videos in general. He should be in the top ten because he plays Minecraft most of the time, he strays from Minecraft and plays yandere sim. Rarely though.

I love sam he plays with taurtis and gizzy gazza sometimes and neither of the 3 swear. They are very kid friendly.

He swears in every episode I watched his cops and robbers and the f word came about 32 times in 12 mins and it is also in the title sure he doesn't swear in yander high school roleplay but he is not the friendliest YouTuber I have kids of my own and he souldnt even be on the list not even #176 do let your kids watch him unless u are ok with swearing! >8()

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142 redb15

Redb15 is IHasCupquake wife and Redb15 says no bad words or IHasCupquake

Love I has cup quake never been on red channel

He is ihascupquakes husband he is very child friendly he is in most of her videos I watch all there videos and they are both very good people and very child friendly!

Red doesn't really post but he plays with cupquake, he doesn't swear

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143 EvanTubeHD

He is adorable. He does challenges, mini movies, and of cool stuff too. Sub him. Also sub his little sister Jillian.

Oh come on he never swears he's a good boy and has cool videos and his cute sister jillian

Did you know you always win I think I love your videos and my name is Kal-El and I'm 10

Move him higher never swears hallarious Chanel

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144 EvanTubeRAW

Evan's second channel and just as good as his other channels - coolkid75

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145 SuperCutie

First of all is a child
Second never swears
Third doesn't only do Minecraft!

146 Youalwayswin

Friendly brothers of youtube

Don't cuss and are awesome!


147 Merrell Twins V 1 Comment
148 VintageBeef

He is very family friendly, he doesn't swear, although he sometimes does videos with people who do.

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149 Jackowammy V 1 Comment
150 Silent Minecrafter

He is awesome he never cusses and makes very nice red stone creations he should at least be#10 he is way past kid friendly

151 Donut the Dog

Donut is awesome! He never swears ever! I love when he plays with little Donny

I like donut the dog he's fun

A great dog, never swears

152 Austin Evans

Great tech reviewer who's kid friendly - CheeseStickYum

153 SallyGreenGamer


154 chuggaconroy

He dos not swear much and he does funny thing like pokemon and pikmin

155 TobyGames

So funny, never says bad words, super kid friendly but just as funny to adults, like the SpongeBob of YouTubers really.

Your videos are cool

Ow some his the best

He is a hoe

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156 MCCliimax

Great builder should be higher up

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157 Poonchee

Poonchee is so amazing he never ever swears literally never

158 Docm77

Poor doc 0% :( he's a fun guy once you get over the accent

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159 CubeHamster

A great guy, very smart and is child friendly

Very good if you want to get your kid interested in engineering.

Does amazing stuff with Redstone

160 TheCraftingBrothers V 1 Comment
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