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161 Smosh

Always curses and shows censored things and talks about inappropriate things. Still good though!

Smosh is not family friendly, but older viewers may get a kick out of it.

Worst inappropriate says curses they should not even be on the list #SMOSHISTHEWORST

I use to watch their videos but Iam a kid and they the most horrible channel and not kid friendly but at least their not as bad as putypie he doesn't even block out the f word or the sh word the both suck and sorry for my spelling

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162 Deathkillerdoesminecraft V 2 Comments
163 Spike Wolf2006 V 1 Comment
164 The8bitmonkey V 2 Comments
165 Midnight_Sky_Solo

She rarely cuss and she is my best friend. I'm pretty sure she never said a cuss. She definitely deserves more subs.

166 ImmortalHD
167 Loganbrine Eleven
168 822chaosdragongamer

He's my brother and only plays five nights at freddys and Minecraft But he does swer... a lot!

169 Senor Wallaceman

Best at never swearing

170 Kameron Dilks
171 Aphmauh

I love layman's Minecraft diaries

Is spelled aphmau NOT Aphmauh

Amazing Very rarely cusses

Is this supposed to be aphmau

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172 TheHatMovies
173 MrWillamo V 4 Comments
174 WealthyWar3587

He never swears and makes sure his guests know he is running a kid/family friendly YouTube channel.

Never heard this guy swear, he isn't all that big of a YouTuber, but tries really hard to come up with new content and help others in the community. Love to watch his videos too!

175 TeamKubed

I am a new member of this group, and we play multiple games like the following: Minecraft (Our main game) Team Fortress 2, etc. But we do not swear. We are fairly new so we don't have many subs (yet). Please check us out. thanks!

176 Yo Mama

Yo Mama is sort of inappropriate and offending sometimes but it never swears, but you know this is Minecraft YouTubers?

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177 Godson V 2 Comments
178 BucketPlanks

I love his videos he NEVER swears. His videos are really simple and there's just SOMETHING about them that makes me love them.

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179 Redcarracer

Redcarracer is not Minecraft but is very funny. Baby and kid friendly. He has one video called Tigger Does Rudolf

180 Jarren Plays

I only ever watched one of his videos. I never heard him swear. Like never. He should be on the top because he is super awesome and NEVER swore. He did kill friendly mobs on purpose, but I love his channel.

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