Top Ten Child Friendly YouTubers You Probably Didn't Know About

The Top Ten Child Friendly YouTubers You Probably Didn't Know About

1 SlipperyJack's Gaming

Never swears, and plays child friendly games. - SlipperyJack

2 lightningflash2

Never swears, a good friend of SlipperyJack's Gaming. - SlipperyJack

3 Jaxoshark C

hi its me

Another friend of SlipperyJack's Gaming, never swears and all content is child friendly. - SlipperyJack

4 Dynamic Barton

All content is child friendly, never swears. None of his friends do either. - SlipperyJack

5 Mariogamemaster

He never swears, friend of SlipperyJack's Gaming, although, not all of his content is child friendly. Very impressive youtuber - SlipperyJack

6 direwolf20

Pretty much almost a minecraft only youtuber, all content is child friendly and never swears. - SlipperyJack

7 Antantixx

Friend of Dynamic Barton, some but not much non child friendly content but most of it is minecraft. - SlipperyJack

8 PH3N1X

Friend of Dynamic Barton and Antixx. - SlipperyJack

9 ibxtoycat

Never swears at all, mostly a minecraft youtuber. Some content may not be child friendly. Very underrated. - SlipperyJack

10 JacknJellify


Any other BFDI fans here? - Drewman1211

BFDI is one of the only good object shows although I stopped watching because of the new BFB.-Tr

The Contenders

11 JD

Awesome roblox content and I have never heard him swear. - SlipperyJack

12 Corl

I mean...he's part of The Pals a child friendly group of youtubers so he kinda has to be child friendly. I don't watch him but I do watch the other Pals

The Pals are far from kid friendly... blood, butts, gore and even the N word on a video called "FixMeN***a" - Maddox121

13 Lionmaker

Lion is just so friendly and never ever swears and I never heard him swear in my whole life

PEdophile don't watch this

14 Toys And Me

It’s another unboxing show, but I think it’s a bit underrated.

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