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1 DanTDM

He actually used to be good with his minecraft mod videos. He made up creative stories and stuff. But ever since he started playing roblox he isn't as good as he was. - Lunala

He is very kind and he never swears he is child friendly and plays child friendly games.

I love DanTDM he is the best I love his videos and I love his gaming videos

He dah best

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2 Stampylonghead

He swears in old videos

He doesn't curse its safe to let your kids watch.

Reason? Oh. Well Basiclly I hear this everyday at my school... Hey have you heard episode... 235 of Stampys Love World? 1st Graders watch it... He is a responsible person and doesn't cuss. When I get YouTube I'm gonna not cuss and get lots of subscribers.

Stampy is the best

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3 O-Diggity Dog

He's a great YouTuber for kids!

4 Popularmmos

I love there challenge games and burning map they need to do more and love there hide and seek#do you even English Bro?!

Pat and Jen are so inspirational and funny I have been watching them since I found out YouTube was a thing

I'm he never curse besides hell

He is a very good person ( I actually met him along with Dan tdm)I was on vacation and pat was acting like himself at Wal-Mart, he but Dan, he is not like he is in his videos, he swears and is calm. ( but he was video dan at Seattle)

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5 paulsoaresjr

He was one of the first youtubers I ever watched. He is really great!

He is best. I have been watching him since I was a little kid.

6 Thinknoodles

I love his Poptropica tutorials. He doesn't scream and shout in videos, and maintains a calm video every now and then. His videos are pure amazing.

Think is awesome! He plays with Dan and makes cool videos. He never cusses and when he gets angry he always calms himself down.

He's so so nice why wouldn't anybody like him he never swears no lie

Thinknoodles does not swear at ALL! And from what I know, I've never known vhim to swear, he's just a lighthearted person with a good humor!

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7 EnderGirlGames

I am endergirlgames but my name is themlgnerd now lol 😊

8 Thediamondminecart

He is simply awesome he never swears as far as I know off except maybe hell or ' in very (very) (VERY) old videos when he already realize he has young viewers he NEVER swears

He is great and never swears, kid friendly

He is good for kids. He never curses other than in early videos.

He is really nice and I think that he will be one of the best you tubers ever because he is really good about the kid-friendly part and he never swears, but only in the VERY VERY VERY old videos.

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9 jacksepticeye

Did you read the title? CHILD FRIENDLY! He curses in every video he makes!

I was trying to figure it out if kids should watch it I watched 1 video and in under 2 minutes he cusses 3 times already

Do not let your kids watch jacksepticeye he swears a lot

This channel is not for kids!

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10 TheAmAsianOne

I am truly Amasian to be on here

Lol what?

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11 ProperIdiots

There the best team of you tubers I love them

I like chicken

They are the best I the world #teamunspeakablegaming

12 UnspeakableGaming

I love UnspeakableGaming so much! Everyday I watch his videos and think "What a positive guy" I am a really big fan of him and Proper Idiots. Sometimes I watch PopularMMOs with my sister and I would rate his comedy a 4 and a half out of 5. For Unspeakable, I would rate his Comedy skills a 5 out of 5. I can't live another day without him... He's just so funny and nice, but I have heard him swear once. JUST ONCE. But who could ever deny Unspeakable, not me of course.

Good channel. - Lunala

He is an amazing Youtuber and a good role model for kids to look up to.

He is my second best YouTuber

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13 Good Mythical Morning

I love good mythical morning and apart from lovin those guys. I've never heard a single cuss from them, but I guess Rhett&Link did.

Today we ask the age old question: WILL. IT. TOP TEN?

They did videos such as "Does Pee Taste Good? "

I'm a mythical beast

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14 Stacyplays

Completely family-friendly and creative without babying her audience.

I've seen her play Minecraft Diversity with iHasCupquake

She is so great! She does not swear and has some great series!

She is Perfect For all Ages She Never Babies anybody She makes it SO much fun the only downside is that she hasnt made a new Mystic Mesa

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15 Eventubehd

Who cocaine taker but Evantubehd on here?

He does not curse and is funny #1 tuber

I love the evantube channel as it provides a wide variety of content to the viewers and the video quality is good. He is also humorous and entertains me all the time.

he swears

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16 VenturianTale

I love his videos they have the best personality

We love this channel! They are a great fun group with really good videos of lots of fun stuff.

He is extremely kid friendly and really funny if your looking for a non cursing non innapropriate kid friendly youtubers go here.

He is always [PREDICTABLE]

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17 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

Child friendly? CHILD FRIENDLY?! HahaHAHAAHAHAA! Child friendly? He drops f-bombs in every video he makes, if parents think that this guy is a POSITIVE role model. Then they should watch his videos and see what kind of stupidity they actually have (no offense to people that let their children play his videos, I'm just saying that you should be more careful, because if your child gets kicked out of school, you should blame yourself for your absolute lack of safety,but if you still do let your children watch his videos, just be more safe.

He is not kid friendly, he cusses every 5 seconds and talks like a 7 year old.

Yeah I don't know about PewDiePie for children. I wouldn't let mine watch him. My little one has really been enjoying Little Learners Club, they are completely kid-friendly and educationally geared! Maybe a better option

Pie man is awesome he's the bomb tart fartfartfart

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18 Ibilsiticsquid

Only says hell and started first twenty episodes

Nice typo

He is the definition of Epicness

Well this is what I see Stampy has over 7 Million but squid has 3 Million and it is NOT fair because he has NEVER been ungrateful and 1time Stampy did so subscribe😎

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19 L for Lee

I barley watch him but he is childfrendly and knows stampy very well

Hahah he is ok but he only features in Stampy videos

20 Squasheyquack

Funny childfrendly and preety much a female stampy shes awesome and never cursed

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21 AviatorGaming
22 Amylee33

Kid friendly Minecraft for girls

Shes awesome and very childfrendly

Amy Lee is the most child-friendly, happy, and nice youtuber that I know! She's rlly funny by the way

23 PeanutButterGamer

He is really funny, great for children who like gaming!

I love his videos

Pbg is great. I am a 10 year old and I recommend him for any person who doesn't like swearing. He swears in older videos though.

This an is an A+! His videos are funny and appropriate for all ages big and small. He doesn't upload often, sadly, but don't watch anyone in his reccomended besides SpaceHamster and chadtronic.

24 PinkSheep

I Like Him He Never Swears Or Say Mild Language And It's Funny When He Sais Prankster Gangster

If you think PinkSheep is funny and kid friendly, try his son PurpleShep's videos. He makes PinkSheep look boring...

He does funny videos with his buddy exploding tnt. He never swears,he makes me laugh so much

25 SSSniperWolf

She makes fun videos and quality content. And after all, a few bad words are allowed. She censors swears sometimes and doesn't swear on purpose and for attention.

Mostly kid friendly

Yes bad words

26 Ihascupquake

She is amazing and got me into the world of YouTube!

Shes a great YouTuber sometimes does bad stuff butt barley

I rlly love IHasCupquake! Her Y.S videos are best!

Not only is this name hard to read its also very cringy. I whould not whach her in my oppen

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27 TheFineBros

Does have some inappropriate things for children

I love these guys! They are like on my list of favorite Youtubers!

28 Captiansparlkelz

Most kid friendly on the list, I don't consider a curse word, and is the only one he uses, all of the ones on the top use worst words and do it in almost every single video

Different to other youtubers

I think he is awesome

He's a very good youtuber and only says damn about every 10 or so he hardly ever swears he's geared to younger audiences.

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29 Littlelizardgaming

He is funnny! my daughter loves him!

30 Amazingphil Amazingphil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

Really funny and never swears and even when Dan swears on his channel he beers it out

31 yammy xox

Yammy xox can swear a bit sometimes but not super often like jacksepticeye (who in their right mind or odd mind would put him on the list? )


32 Seri! Pixel Biologist!

She's clean and plays a variety of wildlife-related games. She's educational and is an all around amazing person. Her videos aren't particularly aimed at any age range so you can watch and enjoy them regardless of how old you are.

One of my favorites. She has daily uploads, playing quite educational and fun games. She's kid-friendly, but not to the point where she's babying her viewers.

33 We Are the Random Bros
34 ExplodingTNT

So funny and doesn't swear he makes funny machiamas - ToperTen

Good videos except for the rude Pink Sheep fanboys. - Lunala

I like him he doesn’t talk

35 StarGeek
36 Vsauce

His videos are educational and I probably wouldn't be top of the class if he didn't exist - coolguy101

37 Jacy And Kacy

Best Youtubers in the world!

38 Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel
39 Tobuscus
40 Blimey Cow

They aren't only the most kid friendly, but they're the best overall. Messy Mondays, Jordan's Messyges, Brother Brother Time, it's all 100% kid friendly, even the episode they talked about swearing is kid-friendly.

41 Vailskubum94
42 Fancy Pants


43 cobanermani456

Unless he's playing a game rated M, he hardly swears. He does say Heck, Crap, and Hell, but, it's OK.

44 Brent Rivera

There is no non-gaming YouTubers on this list so I guess I will add one. Brent is one of my favorite YouTubers, I've seen all his videos and he hasn't cursed in a single one of them. He is funny and his videos are great for kids and teens lol. - eleanorcareyroy

45 IISuperwomanII

Still has some sex references. But still BAWSE

46 Dollastic

She is an awesome youtuber for girls. She plays Minecraft with her friends and also unboxes toys.

47 Kai Kay

Kai Kay is child friendly. He never curses and he makes funny videos! Sometimes, his Mom is in his videos, so, it's good for family. - LeanneMcLee

48 General Tony

I THINK...well I don't know

49 Kyutie
50 Redb15
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