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21 PeanutButterGamer

I love his videos

Pbg is great. I am a 10 year old and I recommend him for any person who doesn't like swearing. He swears in older videos though.

This an is an A+! His videos are funny and appropriate for all ages big and small. He doesn't upload often, sadly, but don't watch anyone in his reccomended besides SpaceHamster and chadtronic.

22 PinkSheep

I Like Him He Never Swears Or Say Mild Language And It's Funny When He Sais Prankster Gangster

If you think PinkSheep is funny and kid friendly, try his son PurpleShep's videos. He makes PinkSheep look boring...

He does funny videos with his buddy exploding tnt. He never swears,he makes me laugh so much

23 Amylee33

Kid friendly Minecraft for girls

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24 AviatorGaming
25 TheFineBros

Does have some inappropriate things for children

I love these guys! They are like on my list of favorite Youtubers!

26 Ihascupquake

She is amazing and got me into the world of YouTube!

I haven't heard a bad word yet for her... But I guess she did... I recommend her for child friendly... Although I'm bummed that she is better than DanTDM. Oh well! 😃

She s amazing and does funny videos with red like both apps. Please check them out and if cupquake is reading this I Wach all of your videos. I'm not ihascupquake. But I wish I was :( but she's grate :) love grace ps love her to not just me

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27 Captiansparlkelz

Most kid friendly on the list, I don't consider a curse word, and is the only one he uses, all of the ones on the top use worst words and do it in almost every single video

Different to other youtubers

I think he is awesome

He's a very good youtuber and only says damn about every 10 or so he hardly ever swears he's geared to younger audiences.

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28 yammy xox

Yammy xox can swear a bit sometimes but not super often like jacksepticeye (who in their right mind or odd mind would put him on the list? )


29 We Are the Random Bros
30 Littlelizardgaming
31 Vsauce

His videos are educational and I probably wouldn't be top of the class if he didn't exist - coolguy101

32 Jacy And Kacy

Best Youtubers in the world!

33 SSSniperWolf

Yes bad words

34 Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel
35 Blimey Cow

They aren't only the most kid friendly, but they're the best overall. Messy Mondays, Jordan's Messyges, Brother Brother Time, it's all 100% kid friendly, even the episode they talked about swearing is kid-friendly.

36 StarGeek
37 Brent Rivera

There is no non-gaming YouTubers on this list so I guess I will add one. Brent is one of my favorite YouTubers, I've seen all his videos and he hasn't cursed in a single one of them. He is funny and his videos are great for kids and teens lol. - eleanorcareyroy

38 Amazingphil Amazingphil

Really funny and never swears and even when Dan swears on his channel he beers it out

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40 Kai Kay

Kai Kay is child friendly. He never curses and he makes funny videos! Sometimes, his Mom is in his videos, so, it's good for family. - LeanneMcLee

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