Top Ten Child Friendly YouTubers

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41 Brent Rivera

There is no non-gaming YouTubers on this list so I guess I will add one. Brent is one of my favorite YouTubers, I've seen all his videos and he hasn't cursed in a single one of them. He is funny and his videos are great for kids and teens lol. - eleanorcareyroy

42 Amazingphil Amazingphil

Really funny and never swears and even when Dan swears on his channel he beers it out

43 IISuperwomanII V 1 Comment
44 Dollastic

She is an awesome youtuber for girls. She plays Minecraft with her friends and also unboxes toys.

45 Kai Kay

Kai Kay is child friendly. He never curses and he makes funny videos! Sometimes, his Mom is in his videos, so, it's good for family. - LeanneMcLee

46 General Tony

I THINK...well I don't know

47 Redb15
48 Hey Hey Show

Hey hey show is definitely child friendly and I love their videos almost like good mythical morning. Shannon and Candace need their show back! 😊

49 Superjombombo
50 Mr Squid V 1 Comment
51 ZexyZek
52 Vailskubum94
53 DreamWorks Tv
54 Mrs. Squid
55 grav3yardgirl

Bunny is super funny and I can't recall I a time I've heard her cuss even though I've watch like all her videos :) she's really funny and child friendly

56 Gabby Joven
57 Luke Korns

He should be on this list. He hasn't cursed in a single one of his videos. He's funny and cute and everyone should know him. - eleanorcareyroy

58 SpenDaBoom
59 NetherEnders V 1 Comment
60 Carykh
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