room 101: "talented" children.

gemcloben I know I said this series is cancelled, but I just realised how close I am to the record for the most HQ posts in 1 series! I can't waste this opportunity... Anyway, I will do specials, for things relevant at the time (no hate week, general election, etc). So, we shall now talk about talented children. Or so they are called.

So, some children are super talented musicians, incredibly smart, insane actors, and there are many other skills there are. But it is very rare we find a child with actual talent, where it would even be amazing if they are adults. Just read the rest of the post, I can explain.

Firstly, I have a few cousins in my family, and since I play guitar, they usually want to hear! I get told to play something not too complex. My dad says they won't know, but then I am not showing my true talent! So, after practising songs for a long time, I end up playing some chords. They end up saying "wow! That's amazing!". Well, that's patronising. So, whatever I play, they will say it is good because they wouldn't want to hurt my feelings. Load of rubbish.

And the. There is the artists. The painters. You could just draw something with no effort put into it, and show it to an adult, they will be polite and say "that is amazing!". It is just... Annoying.

I have recently been watching a show that has practically made me give up all faith in humanity. It is known as Britain's got talent. A kid comes on, everyone says "aww!". The judges already know it sucks. The kid then proceeds to jump around the stage like an idiot. And they get 4 yeses. Got help me. Some of them even write crappy pop songs. When I complain, people say "could you write a better song?" I made a few guitar solos on my YouTube, a couple of which I wrote myself, and they are a lot more complex!

So, if there are all treated the same, how do we treat the real talent? I usually get treated the same as someone who can play 2 chords. It is just pathetic.

So they are some talented children, but so may fake their talent. Even thetoptens has some talented teens (keycha1n, petsounds). I don't claim to be talented, but if some of the ones who are claimed to be, why aren't I? So, as usual, say if you agree or disagree, and say why! Thank you for reading! And sorry, this episode was terrible.


I disagree with the s***** judges on BGT and X Factor. All you need to do is say your Grandad died and then boom. Through to the final. - IronSabbathPriest

I agree with this post. Adults always compliment on kids talent even their talent sucks. Adults should've told them the truth. - Delgia2k

Agreed. Some children don't have talent. - visitor

The problem is, if someone is told the truth, especially a child, they give up. The raw truth might be hard to hear, and sometimes it's necessary. But I really do believe that if you really want it, you'll put your heart and soul into being amazing, and you will be. And maybe it takes some white lies to encourage a kid to keep pursuing their dreams, because trust me, when someone has that fiery passion, magic happens. Do whatever you can to keep that fire going. - keycha1n

Yeah, it's pretty obvious to tell when someone's lying. I can tell that personally with my parents. - Turkeyasylum

You're pretty talented yourself - Songsta41

I'm in gifted Language Arts, and I think I really deserve it. Everyone wants my handwriting, I like to use kind of hard words when I write and stuff like that. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah, while you hate on metal fans for using words you don't understand (aka "hard words") while they're just defending their opinions. - visitor

Back when I was 5, I already knew the capitals of every independent country (non-dependencies) which was expected to be "hard" for an average high school student to memorize, so I get loads of praise from my relatives and their friends. And then they started treating me as if I'm some sort of a "genius" or that I know which winning numbers will appear on the lottery. It's pathetic, and it's basically what made me the most overrated and overpraised among all my cousins. And I realized that because of all that early start, you'll have to work your way and prove yourself till the end. - visitor

^ - visitor