Top Ten Childhood Memories

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Trying to balance the light switch between on and off

This used to really annoy me. I wish my parents had installed button switches; it would have made my childhood life much less stressful.

I thought I was the only one who did that lol

I probably done this before

I totally did this!

Making club houses using blankets

I did this as a kid, but my parents always used to put the chairs and blankets back - Nic427

Restarting a video game when about to lose

Yeah, screw you boss - AlphaQ

Watching two drops of rain roll down a window pretending it was a race

I always did this, laugh out loud. - nintendofan126

I thought I was the only one that did this. Guess not - Nic427

I thought I was the only one! - Lasvegasxavier

Saturday morning cartoon block

I used to watch Animaniacs every Saturday when I was in elementary school - Nic427

I loved Disney's One Saturday Morning!

Waiting behind the door to scare someone

I done this in teen a bit lol, some good times - trains45


Being afraid of the dark

Every night when I got scared of the dark I always played games in my head to take my mind off it. - wolphert

Sometimes I was afraid of the dark... But not all the time. - nintendofan126

Swallowing a fruit seed and being scared it would grow into a tree

There is a Chinese kid's song dedicated to this. Thanks, whoever created that song, for effing up my fruit eating habits during childhood (and every other Asian kid's as well...)

Going into the toy aisle in the supermarket

My grandma used to take me to Toys R Us when I was a kid. Too bad it went out of business :( - Nic427

Closing the fridge extremely slowly to see when the lights went off

I STILL do this and I’m 15 - Nic427

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Drawing on the foggy windows

I remember doing this on the school bus in the morning - trains45

I used to do this and my dad would get mad at me - Nic427

I draw a lot, everhwere I guess. - AlphaQ

Not being able to wait to grow up

I remember waiting for 18, now sometimes miss being a kid and going to school sometimes - trains45

Then when you gow up you wis you were a kid again. - AlphaQ

Then you wish you were a kid again. - nintendofan126

Walking into a room, forgetting what you needed, walking out and then remembering

My kids be like "Oh damn, I remeber my beer" - AlphaQ

Thinking the moon followed you

Aw, I love this list!
During day trips with the family, I used to look up at the moon at the seaside and be amazed that it was still there when we got home! Oh the wonders of being a child. - Britgirl

Fearing the dentist

I always thought I was going to get a cavity - Nic427

I too had that fear

I had that fear, especially when I brught diamond grills there. - AlphaQ

Riding the horse at the grocery store

Horses are allowed at grocery stores? - Nic427

I miss this :(

Eating all the candy you want without thinking about anything diabetes-related
Playing Kid Pix at school

I remember kid pix I remember playing it in Elementary school - trains45

Pizza Hut Book It
Butt scooters during elementary gym class
Smelling the scented markers
Treasure Mathstorm
Trying to stay up on New Year's Eve

I alwys stay up but lose sleep. - AlphaQ

Climbing the rope in gym class
Losing your first baby tooth

I remember when I lost my first tooth in grade 1 - trains45

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