Top Ten Childhood Memories


The Top Ten

1 Trying to balance the light switch between on and off

This used to really annoy me. I wish my parents had installed button switches; it would have made my childhood life much less stressful. - PositronWildhawk

I used to always do this. I always suceed

so cute

2 Waiting behind the door to scare someone
3 Being afraid of the dark

Every night when I got scared of the dark I always played games in my head to take my mind off it. - wolphert

Sometimes I was afraid of the dark... But not all the time. - nintendofan126

4 Watching two drops of rain roll down a window pretending it was a race

I always did this, laugh out loud. - nintendofan126

I thought I was the only one! - Lasvegasxavier

5 Swallowing a fruit seed and being scared it would grow into a tree
6 Closing the fridge extremely slowly to see when the lights went off
7 Walking into a room, forgetting what you needed, walking out and then remembering
8 Not being able to wait to grow up

Then you wish you were a kid again. - nintendofan126

9 Restarting a video game when about to lose


10 Christmas

Christmas childhood memories are my best childhood memories, but there's also a bad Christmas memory that pretty much ruined my childhood - Ajkloth

The Contenders

11 Thinking the moon followed you

Aw, I love this list!
During day trips with the family, I used to look up at the moon at the seaside and be amazed that it was still there when we got home! Oh the wonders of being a child. - Britgirl

12 Playing Club Penguin
13 Making club houses using blankets
14 Going into the toy aisle in the supermarket
15 Riding the horse at the grocery store

I miss this :(

16 Saturday morning cartoon block

I loved Disney's One Saturday Morning!

17 Eating all the candy you want without thinking about anything diabetes-related
18 Playing Kid Pix at School
19 Pizza Hut Book It
20 Butt Scooters During Elementary Gym Class
21 Kmart Horse Ride
22 Chuck E Cheese's
23 Fearing the Dentist
24 Smelling the Scented Markers
25 Disney Movies
26 Treasure Mathstorm!
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