Childish Things Adults Still Do

There are just some things from childhond that we refuse to let go of, isn't there?

The Top Ten Childish Things Adults Still Do

1 Pop Bubble Wrap

I have been to this place before and there was this guy who started to pop bubble wrap and the started laughing. I was annoyed

This is a Blast haha Pop haha jump on it too POP Such a good time

I once had a competition with my mother on popping bubbles from wraps. She won!

Was helping my friend and neighbour wrap and shift some delicate ornaments from his house. I'd finished with the bubble wrap and asked him what he wanted me to do with the leftover. He looked around and said: "Dunno. Errr...pop it in that corner over there." At first he couldn't understand why I found it so funny. Haha.

2 Lick Out the Cake Bowl

I've NEVER grown out of this and it still ends up all over my mouth and cheeks.

3 Suck Thumb

I only do this when it's bloody...

I do this somewhat, I suck my arm while laying around sometimes and I even gave myself a hickey before from doing it

Say neener neener neener Na na na BOOBOO you can’t catch me/throws temper tantrums

4 Watch Disney

I was definitely going to vote this... Although I do like everything on the list! Haha Great list!

I'm 13 and I still watch Disney movies.
My 2 favorites are toy story and the lion king

I love Disney. Lady And The Tramp, Beauty And The Beast... Aww..

I don't think I will ever grow out of watching Disney :D

5 Read Comics

I still read the Beano and still find it funny haha

Love old Beano comics.

Really? I stopped when I was 13, by which time the humour was stale. And yes, I may have loved it before, but meh now.

6 Splash Through Puddles
7 Say "Jinx!" When You and a Friend Say the Same Thing at the Same Time
8 Laugh at a Fart

My Asian relatives finds it hilarious when little kids fart

My dad finds it hilarious when people fart.

You had to add an item like this Tina.

9 Blow Bubbles

Bubble have always fascinated me.

10 Daydream About Meeting Our Prince / Princess

Have done this all my life...

The Contenders

11 Play a Nintendo Game

Nintendo saved all video games. If it wasn't for Mario, video games would no longer exist. I will be an adult by the time Super Mario: The Movie comes out(Not the 1993 movie). Still building up my ds and 3ds collection.

Adult or child, it's still fun

12 Pick their Nose

Awful thing I still do.

Some people even eat them boogers

That is disgusting as well.

Some people even EAT THE BOOGERS! GROSS! >:P

13 Splash People

I'm 26 and I do this in the pool and the waterparks and it's fun!

14 Wear Diapers

Adult babies or people who have some bladder problem.

Haha wha...?

15 Go to Chuck E Cheese

I love to ride the Ken Chuck E Derby horse!

16 Plead Their Parents for Things

I do this because they always get stuff for my sister and cousins but rarely get me anything :(

17 Avoid Cracks
18 Play with Slime

I actually MADE slime when I was a kid. I made it in school.

Toy that came out last Christmas, probably will be a fad.

19 Play with Toys

I play with Lalaloopsy dolls and I'm 18. Oh yeah I have a few at my house.

I like to ride toddlers' rocking horses. They're fun!

20 Jump in the Ball Pit

They have adult ones, did you know?

Yes, but they are hard to find

21 Sleep With a Teddy Bear

I keep with 2 stuffed horses and a Perry the Platypus plush

Yeah, you never ACTUALLY grow out of that...

22 Watch Childish Shows

I like Disney Jr's "Nina Needs to Go" and I'm almost 26...

23 Eat Boiled Sweets
24 Want to Be Gunged
25 Go on the Kiddie Rides in the Fairground.

I prefer the coin operated ones that are at the arcade. My favorite are the 50 cent coin operated horses. I ALWAYS have to ride them every time I walk past one of them. It's fun!

26 Pretend the Floor is Lava

It became a trend in 2017. Along with Fidget Spinners and the anti-trend, The Emoji Movie. Make The Emoji Movie 2 Sony, will you?!

27 Play M.A.S.H.

That game is newish in UK.

28 Make a Paper Aeroplane
29 Play “cowboy/cowgirl” and “giddyap horsey” on fake horses

Whoa! Haven't done this in such a long time! Last Tuesday I think...

I’m 26 and I love riding fake horses. It’s fun!

30 Run Around and Chase Each Other
31 Do Cannonballs in the Pool
32 Ride the Horses

I'm 26 and I like to ride coin operated horses. I also own a spring rocking horse and I like to ride it as well.

I've ridden actual horses they are fun.

33 Smear Cake on Someone's Face

My relatives do that at every single birthday party that I have attended. We're Asian.

One time one of my parents smeared a cupcake on my face.

@andrewteel-When I was 3 someone shoved my face into a cake.

34 Giggle When Someone Says a Cuss Word
35 Ride Kid’s Coin Operated Rides and Toys

I like the horse ones. They’re fun

36 Jump on the Bed
37 Use Whoopie Cushions
38 Wear Nappies
39 Play with Beyblades
40 Have a Blankie

I have 2 receiving blankets from when I was born and I'm almost 26. I don't sleep with them, I just have them in the room. If I no longer have them with me I would be lost in life.

41 Believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy.
42 Fangirl
43 Eat Candy
44 Read Picture Books
45 Scratch Their Butt

Ewww that's gross my dad does that.

46 Ride the Carousel

Carousels are for all ages, but mostly little kids ride them. I like riding them cause I get to ride fake horses. It’s fun!

47 Climb Stuff
48 Eat Popping Candy
49 Go to Disneyland/World

I went to Disney World when I was 14 and Disneyland when I was 23. I may return in the future.

50 Play on Playground Equipment

And even pose for pictures on them

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