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1 Everytime I Die

This is by far their best song... Should be much ahead of angels don't kill

This song sounds much better and has a much more melodic sound to it than most of their songs and that is a good definition of melodic death metal.

By far the best song of children of bodom way better than angels don't kill.. Its amazing the perfection from the combination between the guitar solos and the keyboard. Great job alexey

Melodic death metal at its best...a one of a kind masterpiece

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2 Angels Don't Kill

Awesome track! The best solo and lyrics of COB! Really love this track a lot!

This song, though slow, is their best.. COB is one of my favorite bands. their music is really sweet.. Must-hear band for every metal lover. - hanaan143

Awesome song! Where's Northern Comfort though?! That is definitely in the Top 10 AT LEAST.

Everything about this track, from its lyrics, to tactically arranged rhythms and melodies, all absolute perfection. The combination of the solo and the rhythm behind it works so well together. This track is absolutely haunting, in the best possible way : )

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3 Needled 24/7

Awesome song... Loved it more than any other... Couldn't stop listening to the guitar solo and I might have listened to the song more than a thousand times!

Tears me apart from any kind of music and tells me the truth that COB is the band of Gods

And everyday when the knife in my back starts to twinge n turn
My eyes are catching fire my heart starts to burn
Listening to COB is a bit like being in heaven
And nothing defines COB like does NEEDLED 24/7!

Awesome song... Loved it more than any other...

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4 Are You Dead Yet

just hear it once, and your life will change - rock2metal

this is the song that got me into children of bodom when I heard it on the radio

to my enemies with love.. when I first listened to it, my opinion about COBHC TOTALLY CHANGED... now I am one big fan of them

Amazing song!

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5 Kissing the Shadows

The guitar and keyboard play at the end is inexplicable and unmatchable.

The guitar and keyboard duel solo at the end simply makes the song. Never heard anything like it and this is my most played song in my iTunes library, nothing beats it in my opinion!

Good lyrics, best solo of all times. Its the best song ever by anybody. So good. No words can describe this master piece of masterpieces.

Simply best

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6 Downfall

An absolute classic of Melodic Death Metal, the song that got me into COB, which is one of my favourite bands. A truly headbanging song, as all songs of this album, Hatebreeder is their best album, and where they stood at their best, musically speaking. The riff, the solo, etc... The best solo is undeniably Kissing the Shadows, but this song has to get the cake for being the best COB song, simply amazing!

The best Melodic Black Metal song I've ever heard in my whole life. So atmospheric, melodic, haunting and beautiful. Everything is pure genius, courtesy of Alexi, demonic shrieked vocals, total shred duel solo between Alexi and Janne, the guitar lead of Alexander during the choruses, the pitch change at the end, the little bass bridge of Henkka, the eerie keyboard and lyrics... But the best has to be the piano arpeggios, simple beauty mixed with aggressive drumming and singing... Just pure awesomeness.

The song that hooked me onto COB. Definitely one of their best! Before this I only listened to songs with clear vocals!

Cracker of a song

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7 In Your Face

Really cool song. Completely addictive and it's unbelievably coordinated!

just epic, every headbanger should hear it - rock2metal

The vigor, the spirit, the speed and the bluntness are too good! Perfect for any headbanger! It is a real "bitchslap in your face effect". My personal favorite.

This song is pure energy, character and strenght. Listening this song makes me feel like If I was able to do everything.

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8 Hate Crew Deathroll

This song is at no 17?

Can't believe it!

This song has so much energy, so much melody, pure energy, great combination of keyboards, guitar and drums

The guitar riff bridge is also played what great enthusiasm

My very first song by COB!

You want death metal... Well C.O. B give it to you shoved up your ass six feet under... Some of the best riffs iv heard besting one another and alexi displaying the true sense of a genius! All hail C.O. B!

So much energy on this song one of their best it have to be on the top 5 at least

9 Bed of Razors

Complete Kiss Ass Song.. I headbang to this everyday.. Definitely it deserves to be on top of this list... The guitar in this song is complete orgasm..

The song is amazing in all the way that can be described... It must be rated along with every time I die.. Because the solo and the song are very organized and everything is ultimately perfect at this song.. The song is name is enough to describe how good this song is... The solo and the guitars are very on top.. The lyrics kills... Very great... Words can't describe this song.. The words are dying when I try to describe this song...

Its an every headbanger song... I hear this song everyday. I just can't stop listening to it. I hear it even when I sleep... But I can't believe that its in such a low rank... It deserves to be in the top three...

Should be in 2nd place after every time I die if not 1st

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10 Lake Bodom

I think
#1 Angels Don't Kill
#2 every time I Die
#3 Lake Bodom
#4 Needled 24/7
#5 Hate Crew Deathroll
#6 Kissing Shadows
#7 Downfall
#8 Trashed, Lost and Strungout
#9 In Your Face
#10 Halo of Blood - Dead Man's Hand On You

I LOVE THIS SONG. Great riff, great vocals, great solo's, great lyrics. One of Bodom's best and will be for years.

Greatest riff in metal. Powerful lyrics. I love how the keyboard plays along with the guitars. A masterpiece.

This is where it all began... And they we're fking 17yo here

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? Sleeping in My Car
? Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood

What an epic song! Listen to the guitar solo, this deserves to be in the TOP 10

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11 Silent Night, Bodom Night

Its only 3 min.. But fully of intense melody in both leads n rhythm.. Just take 3 min of your life to listen to this.. And you'll see how many hours you'll spend enjoying the music from Bodom! CoB rocks! Sry, metals!

One of the best solo I have ever heard. Heads off towards alexi. Come on folks vote it.. It deserves top 3

Extreme melody and rhythm, their best song I my opinion!

How the hell is this not number 1 LOL

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12 If You Want Peace... Prepare for War

Though this track is not on their best album but it is easily one of their best songs! "If you want peace, prepare for war" is one of the tracks that really me into Bodom! So heavy, so fast, and a very entertaining listen! Right up their with "every time I die"!

Great hard hitting drums at the beginning, amazing guitar solos and such an uplifting spirit!

Goes back and forth between amazing melodic guitar work and crunching chords.

Everyone likes this one because of Guitar Hero, but I just really like this song anyway, the guitar work is amazing and the drums are pretty cool too. - Metalfan2112

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13 Hate Me

How is this so far done? The Melody alone is exquisite.

The song that got me into CoB! Awesome intro and solos

My favorite COB song by far

! what a song

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14 Follow the Reaper

This songs solo says a lot about the band and solidified them as one of my favorites for a long time. In my opinion this song should be at the top for them.

What... I didn't expect this song that low... This was the first song I heard of this band and for me it was totally badass :D For me it should be in the top 10. M/

Dis is One of the Best song by COB... What a solo by The "WILD CHILD" Alexi Laiho... He Is Definitely the best guitarist in the world... I Love This Song

The only song that compares to any in flames song. In flames really has more talent but this song shows that CoB at least has some

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15 Sixpounder

Far too low down this list!

This and Angels Don't Kill are perfection. The solo gets me every time

Mother of lead guitar!
COB at its very best. All hail Alexi


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16 Bodom Beach Terror

Man! This song should be on the short list of top 10. Good drum intro, good vocals and insane guitar solo in courtesy of the greatest metal guitarist of all time, alexi laiho himself.. This song is brutal!

Wash your hands in the lake of your blood! Just before you die!

the best: the drumming intro and the guitar solo - rock2metal

Amazing melodic stuff

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17 The Nail

This song... As well as the whole album "Something Wild" completely rocks.

18 Living Dead Beat

Beautiful riffs and keyboard playing along with the amazing lead altogether this song is a magic.

The best intro made ever...

Awesome track with wonderful riffs, great keyboard combination with guitar... awesome solos of both guitar and keyboard...

Best intro ever, especially with a thunderstorm hitting the concert right after it. since I experienced that, this is by far the best cob track for me

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19 Trashed, Lost, and Strungout

Fantastic song! I don't see why its not in the top 10. I don't like any songs in the top 10 other than Are You Dead Yet?. One of the best metal songs I've ever heard. And where is Was It Worth It? That's also one of my favorites.
1. Trashed, Lost and Strungout
2. Blooddrunk
3. Was It Worth It?
4. If You Want Peace... Prepare for War
5. Are You Dead Yet?

Such a good song should be in top 5

20 Children of Bodom

The best one till date! I am surprised people don't find it the best! and yeah COB Rocks! m/

Great song... Nothing more to say about it the guitar riffs are awesome plus alexis vocal are outstanding

This is their anthem!

So cuk

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