Top Ten Best Children's Books by David Walliams

The Top Ten
1 Grandpa's Great Escape Grandpa's Great Escape Product Image

Personally, this is a terrible book. I hate the characters. I usually like the bad characters, but it keeps trying to say that Jack is kind and polite. For example, he locked Detective Bone and Detective Beef in. They were police officers!

I dislike books with characters I don't find likable. I think there are better Walliams' books such as The World's Worst Children 1 2 and 3, Mr. Stink. Demon Dentist, The Midnight Gang, Ratburger, Billionare Boy and The Boy In The Dress

Well made book love it fave I love

2 The Midnight Gang The Midnight Gang Product Image

A wonderful book. - iliekpiez

3 Mr. Stink Mr. Stink Product Image
4 The World's Worst Children The World's Worst Children Product Image

Great boook

5 Demon Dentist Demon Dentist Product Image

Demon Dentist is pretty bad, it is a pretty sad, scary story that doesn’t really have a happy ending.

6 Awful Auntie Awful Auntie Product Image
7 Billionare Boy Billionare Boy Product Image

This Is The Best Book By Far Its Film Is Extremely Funny This Is definitely My Favourite Book In The Whole Wide World

8 The Beast of Buckingham Palace
9 Ratburger Ratburger Product Image
10 The Ice Monster The Ice Monster Product Image
The Contenders
11 The Boy in the Dress The Boy in the Dress Product Image
12 Gangsta Granny Gangsta Granny Product Image
13 Bad Dad Bad Dad Product Image
14 Fing Fing Product Image
15 World's Worst Children 2 World's Worst Children 2 Product Image
16 The Slightly Annoying Elephant The Slightly Annoying Elephant Product Image
17 The Worlds Worst Children 3
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