Top Ten Most Chilled-Out Blues Songs

The coolest, most laid-back Blues songs that just makes you melt into yourself where the problems of the world just seem to fizzle away like ice water on a hot baking tray. There are too many for me to remember and are in no particular order, because it's just too difficult. If there are any that you know of that I've missed, feel free to add; or vote for one that is already a favourite of yours :)

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81 Fox Squirrel - Muddy Waters
82 Let the Good Times Roll - Muddy Waters
83 God's Song - Etta James
84 Boogie Chillen - John Lee Hooker
85 Sinful Woman - Elmore James
86 Goodbye, Baby - Elmore James
87 Little Rain - Rolling Stones

Anyone who says the Stones "Can't do Blues" should not only listen to the album Blue and Lonesome, but should listen to this track in particular. It captures the very essence of Blues. It's so soulful, stripped-back and emotive. Equally anyone who doubts just how magnificently Mick plays the harp (this song, again, is a great example). It's not just another album to them, it's a burning lifelong ambition of theirs; especially Mick and Keith's. And this album shows their great passion for the genre. It's 50 years worth the wait. - Britgirl

88 Two Trains Running - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
89 Cold, Cold Feeling - Albert Collins
90 I Ain't Drunk - Albert Collins
91 By the Water - Snooks Eaglin
92 I'm Your Doctor - Muddy Waters
93 Livin' with the Blues - Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

"Rocks is my pillow, cold ground is my bed. Blue sky is my blanket, moonlight's my spread. I'm not ashamed, ain't that news. I've been livin' with the blues."
This is not as sad as it sounds. It's quite warm and uplifting, I think. I love that it's so stripped-back and honest and really rather comforting. Two men: one sings while the other plays harp.
Really nice.
Update: This sample is not the version I have but it's still really good. - Britgirl

94 I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jelly Roll - Taj Mahal

Havin' a real bad day ends the moment this little gem starts. Just so... Well, anyone who knows this song, knows how it leaves you.
Très cool. - Britgirl

95 Three O'Clock Blues - B.B. King
96 I'm in the Mood - John Lee Hooker
97 The Sky is Crying - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Prefer the vocals by Elmore but Stevie's! - Britgirl

98 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters

Can't believe this wasn't added sooner! Although it's a good thing I corrected my typo before adding it; somehow I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Nan just wouldn't have seemed...right... - Britgirl

99 Ain't Nobody's Business - Jimmy Witherspoon
100 The Sky is Crying - Etta James
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