Top Ten Chiller-Thriller and Crime Korean Dramas

Many people in general think K-dramas are all about romance and nothing more. We all know how potential Korean romance is, and getting dizzy over feels is a common criteria for all K-drama lovers. However, there are these dramas that scoop out your soul while you're watching them, and let me remind you that these chills don't always revolve around only romance.

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21 Doctor Stranger

Its quite a heavy drama but definitely a must watch.

Must watch

22 White Christmas

Its one of those dramas which really gets your mind working. Mystery thriller drama with amazing actors, and plot twists. When you start watching, make sure to watch until the end.

A short mystery thriller, where the plot is full of mind games! Really puts you on the edge of your seat in certain episodes... A must watch for thriller mystery lovers..!

Excellent dramas with amazing plot and nice actors/ actress. One of the best dramas ever!

Amazing! White Christmas was brilliantly written. It has a lot going. Dark mistery, thriller, rites of passage and much more. As it has plot twists and a good story, it also depicts the whole incident with a beautiful perspective of humanity. Cannot recommend enough!

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23 God's Gift: 14 Days

This drama is listed below so much that I would miss it totally. This should have been placed with two weeks where u get hooked with the drama till the end. So much of suspense, twists, emotions. Totally loved it and lead actor. This is the first time I am watching him and he did his role perfectly. wow such a pity he had done only few dramas. Would like to see more of his works. Awesome drama. Glad I watched it.

Such a great drama with a great plot and very addicting. Few bits of teary moments

This drama is so good. The story is unique; they should have made this drama longer.

This along with Voice are my favorite thriller kdramas

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24 The Girl Who Sees Smells

I love this drama. VERY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH! It's a good drama with a good flow, the mystery that keeps you biting your nails, and it also has nice comedic reliefs (which I really really love). My mom and sister also loves the drama so much. You'll end up loving a lot of characters in this drama. The main leads, the supporting police roles, even the villain who commits such brutal murders.

Romance, Suspense, Fantasy Drama~
This Drama series adapted from the webtoon by Seo so-kyung a/k/a Man Chwi.

This drama was really well written. no rush and lost moments; a very smooth and steady process all towards the end. love the comedy reliefs too!
Despite low ratings, the drama managed to top the Contents Power Index (CPI) rankings for the most influential dramas.

25 The K2

Loved it. Seen it thrice already! it's a good watch. good twists. Great acting by the lad actor. Amazing action. Even the bad guys look dapper!

26 Remember: War of the Sun

This k-drama definitely intense the scene, should watch this drama that about the law and victim

I recommended this k-drama are heavy scene that about law,don't expect love scene because this is reality what we have now in this society and the government, this is my favorite so far this k-drama that you will learn about the law and being fair to people accused and using people that involve money.

A must watch kdrama! Awesome plot, once you start the first episode.. u can't stop to continue and continue the next episodes! Really DAEBAK!

27 The Host
28 Missing Noir M

! It is the BEST police/mystery drama I have ever seen! The man who did this must truly be a GENIUS! Such a complicated and intelligent plot...

I can't believe that this drama has only 10 episodes. This drama kept me thinking over all the episodes. I can't even sleep thinking a single case. It kept my brain working while watching. This is totally daebak! The writer is a total genius!

This was a great great series! Wow

Loved this! Cried a river in the last ep!

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29 Secret

Best drama ever

30 New World
31 Special Affairs Team TEN

The whole mood of this drama is very good. There are sprinkles of comedy and barely there romance. I like when a crime drama knows what it is and doesn't focus on unnecessary subplots.


32 Who Are You 2013

I have yet to complete it but so far, it's chilling me up. Ghosts never scared me, but when you add detectives who actually see ghosts to a lot of past strings, it will chill you. - rin2787

It depicts the true meaning of school, family, friends and education. It's like I'm looking back, back to my high school days.

Amazing cast, acting and plot! could watch this drama over and over again.

Couldn't finish this...i really tried but just couldn't. I quit after 10 episodes. I might one day go back and watch the last 6 ep...maybe...

33 Time Between Dog and Wolf

One of the most interesting dramas with many twists and changes. Even after 10 years I always think about time of dog and wolf (when the sky darkens and you can not clearly see and distinguish between dogs and wolves). One should watch the drama to understand that you never know who is a friend and who is not.

34 You're All Surrounded

This show was amazing. It had a team of rookie detectives with one hot-headed team leader. Characterization=amazing. Plot=great. Romance=great.

This k drama was totally amazing. The cast was on point and all the cast suited this k drama so much. It's about a boy whose mother had been murdered when he was young and he becomes a police officer and a girl who also becomes a police officer. I dunno if it's just me but I love action k dramas and especially police officing so this was the perfect one for me. If you haven't already watched this k drama then I don't know where you've been but you really need to watch this k drama as soon as possible. I just finished watching it and I miss it so much. So I highly recommend this k drama to anyone who hasn't watched this k drama yet. It was a daebak k drama. Sarangheyo to this k drama.

35 School 2013

I lied to myself when my head said "No excess Lee Jong-Suk, no excess bias." I couldn't stop myself and I couldn't leave this out. Even though this entire drama is based on high school, it's not giddy,and there is almost 0%romance, minus the very negligible vibes. So what exactly is this high school drama about? High school darkness. It consists the problems that revolve around high schools-- bullying, violence, preparatory pressure and whatnot. Why wouldn't anyone watch this? I don't know. It gave me enough goosebumps to keep cool in summer. - rin2787

36 Triangle

This is a must watch korean drama! I just finished watching Empress Ki back then, then I followed Ji Chang Wook and Baek Jin Hee here! It's a superb that I recommend it to those who love action dramas and those who are just staring to love action dramas!

"The plot was very good. The acting skills, the action scenes. It's a wholesome! "

"What you are looking for a drama is here! "

37 Mask

Really good

38 My Beautiful Bride

Since I only started watching this Kdrama because it looked good I can't exactly explain the plot based on rating and reviews but from my personal opinion so far it is making me speechless. I'm not exactly sure what genres it is under but it includes suspense, thrill, crime, romance and melodrama. If you enjoy Kdramas with gangers, corrupt organizations and loan sharks then this is perfect. It includes a tragic love story which sets off a war. Young Hee and Cha Do Hyun become close in high school but because of an incident including both students, young Hee leaves and cha do hyun transfers volenteeraly. Years after high school they meet again, Young Hee works at a Hostesss' bar and cha the young is about to start military training. One day young Hee get approached by a detective and asks her to be an informant so she excepts because she wishes to live happily with cha do hyun. After she accepts, the head of the organization gets arrested and young Hee goes to live with cha do hyun. 2 ...more

39 Pied Piper

Really love the plot of the story

This show is honestly underrated, everyone should watch it! it's not only about negotiation, it also talks about how the rich are more privileged than the poor, the OST is sung by kim bohyung "our story", ITS REALLY GOOD.

40 Full House
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