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41 My Beautiful Bride

Since I only started watching this Kdrama because it looked good I can't exactly explain the plot based on rating and reviews but from my personal opinion so far it is making me speechless. I'm not exactly sure what genres it is under but it includes suspense, thrill, crime, romance and melodrama. If you enjoy Kdramas with gangers, corrupt organizations and loan sharks then this is perfect. It includes a tragic love story which sets off a war. Young Hee and Cha Do Hyun become close in high school but because of an incident including both students, young Hee leaves and cha do hyun transfers volenteeraly. Years after high school they meet again, Young Hee works at a Hostesss' bar and cha the young is about to start military training. One day young Hee get approached by a detective and asks her to be an informant so she excepts because she wishes to live happily with cha do hyun. After she accepts, the head of the organization gets arrested and young Hee goes to live with cha do hyun. 2 ...more

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