Top Ten Best Chinese Dynasties

221 BCE to 1912 AD, China has a long history of wars and dynasties.
The Top Ten
1 Han

Opening of the Silk Road and establishment of China as a unified country. Chinese made scientific and mathematical achievements at this time. - ethanmeinster

2 Qin

The emperor Shi Huangdi took power and started building projects such as the Great Wall of China and the Terra-cotta warriors. This dynasty had a strong army, although it lasted less than 20 years.

Shi Huangdi was a lunatic. Forced people to work in terrible conditions on the Great Wall, destroyed records of dynasties before him, buried people alive that didn’t agree with him, and he even ingested mercury to have him live forever (they didn’t know it was deadly at the time). His death is probably why the empire lasted a little over 20 years.

only two emperors for 15 years

3 Tang


4 Song
5 Zhou
6 Sui
7 Ming
8 Qing
9 Shang
10 X'ia

If it was completely real. It was thought to be completely a myth. However, archeologists have found some evidence of the X'ia Dynasty. - ethanmeinster

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