Top Ten Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Villains

The Top Ten
1 Desiree D'Allure

Monterey Jack's former love interest who manipulates him into helping her and her crew steal a very valuable chair for her beaver boss.

2 LahWhinie

From the episode "Gadget Goes Hawaiian" who looks exactly like Gadget who's trying to become the new queen of her tribe but has to survive a series of deadly tests (an I also love how she points out how they never had a queen before and the chief replies that no one ever survived) realizing she would never be able to survive the test she convinces Gadget to switch places with her and takes the tests for her which she does but after narrowly surviving the first two tests Gadget looks to bail on the final test so LahWhinie threatens her friends is she doesn't go through with it. - egnomac

3 Fat Cat
4 Professor Norton Nimnul

Long time recurring villain who almost succeeds in his evil misdeeds only to be thwarted by the Rescue Rangers.

5 Druella O'Midas
6 Rat Capone
7 Aldrin Klordane
8 Bubbles
9 Captain Finn
10 Sewernose de Bergerac
The Contenders
11 El Emenopio

From the episode "When Mice Were Men" a bull with a ridicules name who seeks revenge against Monerey Jack after he was humiliated by him years earlier as the mice of Tramplonia, Spain have hailed him a hero despite the fact that Monty didn't actually defeat him as he simply slipped and was sent flying onto a boat. - egnomac

12 Mole
13 Wart
14 Snout
15 Arnold Mousenegger
16 Lord Howie
17 Mepps
18 Sugar Ray Lizard
19 Winifred
20 Mr. Dumpty
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