Top 10 Best Choice-Based Telltale Games

Ah, Telltale. One of the most honorable video game companies out there. So, let's look at the top 10 best Telltale games, of which are based on your choices. Telltale practically created this genre! Games that are tailored to the choices you make! Hope you enjoy!

The Top Ten Best Choice-Based Telltale Games

1 The Walking Dead

Had great story and wonderful characters with a sad ending.

i cried

Can’t blame ya

2 Batman: The Enemy Within

Easily my favorite telltale game. Choices really do matter in this one

I loved the character of John Doe (the joker) he was in need of guidance and a role model, that’s where we came in. The roles completely swapped between joker and Harley, as their relationship is very one sided, but instead of Harley being madly in love (no pun intended) with joker, it’s the other way around! Also, if you chose to say you never were friends with John at the end, you’re a monster

3 The Wolf Among Us

This seems to have the best story in a video game besides The Walking dead... Nobody can convince we of otherwise! - EliHbk

4 The Walking Dead: Season 2
5 Tales from the Borderlands

Easily Telltale’s funniest game

6 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
7 Batman: The Telltale Series

I love this game because it focuses a
lot on Bruce Wayne’s life, not action filled batman scenes, and that’s quite smart, as it strikes a balance

8 Game of Thrones
9 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
10 The Walking Dead: Michonne

The Contenders

11 Minecraft: Story Mode
12 The Wolf Among Us: Season 2
13 Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2
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