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41 Soul Embraced

Great underground band. Wish they got the recognition they deserve. Every release slays!

42 Darkness Divided

In the style of For Today and August Burns Red they have some punishing breakdowns look up A Well Run Dry they only have one album out sadly but overall they're brutal

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43 Searching Serenity

Deathcore band from Jacksonville Florida! Really heavy and melodic as well!

44 Drottnar

By adding Drottnar to this I am refering to their earlier more Death metal sounding releases. I'd you want to vote for them cause of their later Black metal sound then go to the best black metal bands list, I doubt there's a best Christian black metal list. Anyway on this list look at them as their early deathly selves. Awesome band either way

45 Your Chance to Die

I have only noticed this band recently but I listen to their album the American Dream every day. There songs such as All Consuming Wealth and Conscience are my favourites.

Another unnone. One of the best ouy there. A must have. Better then the top ten given easy.

46 Feast Eternal
47 Tortured Conscience
48 I Built the Cross V 1 Comment
49 The Showdown
50 Martyrs Shrine
51 Revelation

A very new and interesting band that specializes in wicked guitar solos and the occasional hint if scrimp but still manages to keep that ideals of our lord and savior in mind.

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