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41 Jason Truby

Amazing guitarist! Look up his rendition of Carol of the Bells on YouTube. Watch and learn.

42 Ariel Pozzo
43 Brian "Head" Welch (Love and Death)
44 Brandon Hampton
45 Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue)

Like Tommy Johansson, this man can play guitar just as well as he can sing. Since the 2000s, he has occupied the top position in both respects (just listen to his shredding on the Storm instrumentals and his vocals on basically every song since the Between the World's Album)

46 Glenn Kaiser

Lead vocalist and guitarist for the legendary Resurrection Band. Pioneers in Christian metal (1972-2000). After the Resurrection Band broke up, Glenn Kaiser continued his musical career with a solo project known as the Glenn Kaiser Band. This band has been playing Christian blues rock and is a favorite at Cornerstone Festival.

Not the most flash, but love the expression of his playing. Glenn will always be one of my favorites! I think he is a solid 5 on my list!

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47 Drew Shirley (Switchfoot)

Duh! He's The Guitarist Of Switchfoot! The Whole Band Admits That He's The Best At His Instrument. But I Don't Wanna Sound As If I'm Disregarding Jon, Because He Is Still A Good Guitar Player.

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48 Ian Arkley (Seventh Angel)
49 Rob Tahan (Ashes Remain)

Rob is an incredible guitarist! He not only does solos during concerts, but he incorporates sweeping and shredding in AR's songs. I don't know why he's not on this list yet.

Voters listen to All Your Faces - Ashes Remain Orgasmic For Ears
Rob deserves higher

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50 Carlos Osnaya

Mexican guitar player Carlos Osnaya is well known in the Mexican and south american, Usa, Asia and European hard rock/metal scene. He toured the globe with his bands EXOUSIA and Deborah and the Shered scene times and achieved the status of a reliable and innovative guitar A musical prodigy who is at home in a variety of musical genres and styles, His

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51 Jani Stefanovic (Divinefire, Miseration)

Awesome 8 string complex metal brutality and the ability to orchestrate whole songs, program drums, and do key/synth parts. That's just to awesome to not vote for.

52 Shane Blay (Oh, Sleeper)

Shane has the heaviest, chaotic, and on the same time melodic metal out there! His lead guitar work touches perfektion, and he is a great guy. He may not be the fastest shredder but I think he might be the best overall metal guitarist out there... (Talking about his work in Oh, Sleeper only)

53 Aaron Guerra (Tourniquet)

Listen to indulgence by proxy, microscopic view of a telescopic realm for proof he's the best and he sings

54 Ole Arnold Børud (Ole Børud, Schaliach, Extol)

He is talented musician. He made Metal albums with Extol and Schaliach and also West Coast Jazz solo album. And the most of all, he do his music for the LORD.

55 J.R. Bareis (Love and Death)

Awesome guitarist, vocalist and sold out for the Lord and he just turned 18.Joined Love and Death at age 15!

56 Matthew Hoopes (Relient K)
57 Val Allen (Theocracy)

Val Allen Wood is down here because hardly anyone knows Theocracy unfortunately. Listen to Theocracys album As the world bleeds and you'll know why having him down here is a mistake. I've been listening to guitarist like jimmy hendricks, Slash, Ben Kasica, Brian "Head"Welch, and the almighty Eddie Van Halen. I believe Val Allen Wood belongs in this list of the greatest guitarist this world has ever seen.

This guy Val Allen Wood has got to be amongst the greatest guitarist this world has ever seen. Val Allen Wood is down here because hardly anyone knows Theocracy (Best Band Ever) which is unfortunate because their extremely talented in every aspect of music. Listen to Theocracys album As the world bleeds and you'll put Val Allen Wood in your top 10.

Why the heck is this guy not in the top ten? The man is a wizard with his ax!

Alter to the Unknown God, Enough Said.

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58 Greg Bishop

X-Sinner lead guitarist and founder member, underrated band, but really HQ material for the Lord! - nebgp

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59 Paul Jackson
60 Wes King

I didn't expect much from his albums until I saw him live. Amazing.

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