Top 10 Christian Hip-Hop/Rap Artists of 2016


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1 NF NF Nathan "Nate" John Feuerstein, whose stage name is NF, is an American Christian hip hop rapper, singer and musician.

NF is completely phenomenal! There's no Christian artist that is close to him in passion or skill. His lyrics are out of this world and his flow is so good. Lecrae better be looking over his back because he's not going to be the #1 Christian rapper for much longer. Every album is becoming more powerful and I can't imagine what his next couple albums will look like... I love you music NF keep it up.

Therapy Session is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time!

Best ever he not only raps/does hip hop but can sing amazingly god bless NF and all the trouble he has been through I don't know how he does it! real music fo life

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2 Social Club Social Club
3 V.Rose V.Rose

I was obsessed with her when I was 11, my Christian pop phase. Now...CAPITAL KINGS FOR LIFE! - RiverClanRocks

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4 Lecrae Lecrae Lecrae Devaughn Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, record producer and actor.

Always loved lacrae. Great lyrics!

5 Hollyn Hollyn Holly Marie Miller, who goes by the stage name Hollyn, is a mixture of Pop, R&B, and a Singer and Songwriter of Christian music.
6 Tobymac Tobymac Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, is a Christian hip hop recording artist, music producer, hip-hop and pop artist, songwriter and author.
7 Capital Kings Capital Kings Capital Kings is an American pop, electronic and Christian pop act currently consisting of producer and rapper Cole Walowac.
8 Mat Kearney Mat Kearney Mathew William "Mat" Kearney is an American musician born in Eugene, Oregon, now based in Nashville, Tennessee.
9 Andy Mineo
10 Jamie Grace

The Contenders

11 Group1Crew Group1Crew Group 1 Crew is a Christian hip hop band signed to Fervent Records and Warner Bros. Records. They made their debut with their hit song "Can't Go On" on WOW Hits 2007. Soon after they released their first EP I Have a Dream, the band released their self-titled full-length debut studio album, Group 1 Crew, more.
12 Friggidy Tha Saint
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