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41 Immortal Souls

Immortal souls should be higher on the list

42 Fit For A King

Much more metal than say, skillet, and better all around than most on the list in my humble opinion. Just found them and I am blown away!

WO! I can't believe this is #44! Fit for a King is one of the heaviest Christian metal bands that exist.

Such amazing vocal, riffs, breakdown. This Band deserve much more audience.

How are they not at least in the top 20? Their better than most of the bands in the top 10!

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43 Sardonyx
44 Mirror of Dead Faces
45 HB
46 Petra

Go listen to 'Jekyll and Hyde'. RIGHT NOW. ALL OF YOU.

47 Narnia

Neoclassical Power Metal from Sweden

48 Golden Resurrection

Christian melodic power metal, they released 2 albums with... Deep Christian lyrics with high technical power riffs and amazing vocal

Wanna hear some Yngwie malmsteen like guitar solos and riffs? You should give this a try. plus lyrics are so Christ-centered.

49 Crimson Moonlight

Best blackened death metal band ever in my opinion they used to be straight out bm but now they're bdm

50 Trouble

Trouble is the ONLY christian metal band that is worth listening to.

Sadly but not surprisingly, Trouble is not on this list! From the eighties thru early 2000’s Trouble has been making and influencing some of the greatest heavy metal ever. There is a reason bands like Tourniquet and players like Dave Grohl consider them a major influence. From Psalm 9 to Run to the light, you’ll find some of the greatest down tuned heavy riffs and blistering guitars of all time. Know your roots people!

51 The Crucified

The Crucified is absolutely amazing. I grew up listening to them. They definitely have their own sound. Pillars of humanity is my personally my favorite album. They have a hardcore punk/ thrash metal sound I highly recommend that you listen to them. Even though they don't make music anymore their music still speaks to me

The Crucified, both albums Pillars and the Self Titled should be up in the top ten

Take a listen and they will smash all the bands that sound the same here.

Killer band hands down!

52 Bloodgood
53 Darkness Divided

How Is Darkness Divided All The Way Down Here. They are one of the best Metal Bands I know of. Great guitarists and an awesome message.

Don't know why this band is one of the most underrated bands in this list, they sound so nice!

54 The Color Morale

Favorite band! Absolutely epically AMAZING! Incredible lyrics! (technically not Christian anymore though.. I still believe they are) Garrett Rapp is so humble and down to earth as well.

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55 Shadows of Paragon

Some of the heaviest and most inspiring Christian metal out there. Deserve to be higher on this list

INSANE christian black metal. Deserve to be at least in the top ten.

Awesome band! So much of the Power of God'nJesus the love of Jesus behind this band! Very Real'n Honest lyrics... Give any Secular Blackmetal band a run for their money! Should be in the Top 5 of ANY Extreme Metal list, OR any Christian Metal list!

56 The Revamp

Its a christian metal band. Just founded Last year, they are revolving the whole thing.

57 Phinehas

One of, if not the most underrated Christian metal bands out there. Unbelievable talent, unfathomable riffs, treacherous beats, and unrelenting vocals. Their latest 2 albums are masterpieces. Check these guys out, you wont be disappointed.

How number 60? Listen to "I Am The Lion." Phinehas has one of the greatest guitarists of all time. These guys have something going. Way too underrated.

How in the crap was this band not on this list?

Love them and their style

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58 Seventh Avenue

The best and most melodic power Metal ever, with an amazing feeling for making Harmonies Should be Top 3

59 Barren Cross

I can't believe they are ranked this low! Amazing band, great musicianship, great lyrics.

Only band in this line up that mirrors Iron Maiden, and that's saying a lot.

80s metal in a similar vein as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

60 Pantokrator

One of the best how are they not higher on this list!

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