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61 The Color Morale

Favorite band! Absolutely epically AMAZING! Incredible lyrics! (technically not Christian anymore though.. I still believe they are) Garrett Rapp is so humble and down to earth as well.

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62 Shadows of Paragon

Some of the heaviest and most inspiring Christian metal out there. Deserve to be higher on this list

INSANE christian black metal. Deserve to be at least in the top ten.

Awesome band! So much of the Power of God'nJesus the love of Jesus behind this band! Very Real'n Honest lyrics... Give any Secular Blackmetal band a run for their money! Should be in the Top 5 of ANY Extreme Metal list, OR any Christian Metal list!

63 The Revamp

Its a christian metal band. Just founded Last year, they are revolving the whole thing.

64 Seventh Avenue

The best and most melodic power Metal ever, with an amazing feeling for making Harmonies Should be Top 3

65 Pantokrator

One of the best how are they not higher on this list!

66 Horde

The start of Christian black metal and only at number 66? what a joke

This guy is awesome

Yeah..why is horde ranked this low?

67 Jacob's Dream

Should be in top 20

68 Saint V 1 Comment
69 Onward to Olympas V 1 Comment
70 A Bullet for Pretty Boy

Completely amazing! Their music has incredible clear/unclear vocals and lyrics, but the biggest thing that sets them apart is the musicality; every song is beautifully complex and rich with guitars, choirs, drums, and an organ (on I Will Destroy the Wisdom of the Wise).

71 The Overseer
72 The Showdown
73 Six Feet Deep

The very roots of Christian Hardcore... Second only to the Crucified!

Just look them up and you will see how good they are.

Love this band, hardcore though, not metal

74 Divinefire
75 Eternal Decision

The year is 1997, they come out with their debut album that is so good, it bests master of puppets from unchristian band Metallica! The bands power chords and guitar solos r second to none. They are very Christ centered, though their last album not as good is only a testament of the very high bar they set on their first. I have all 3 studio albums and listen to them every day! Second to none, if you like old Metallica, give these guys a shot...

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76 One Bad Pig
77 My Heart to Fear

WHAT?! WHAT?! My Heart to Fear should be up in the top ten. Their guitarist are amazing and their sound is amazingly brutal!

78 Fall of Goliath

Great Christian metal band! Great melody and great lyrics, love the worship that goes along with it.

79 Veni Domine

Great band that few know about

80 Temple of Blood
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