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21 I, the Breather

Probably the heaviest Christian metal band I've ever heard. I would put them at no. 2.

22 Psychostick V 1 Comment
23 Settle the Sky
24 Inhale Exhale
25 Red Red Red is an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 2002. The band's lineup consists of singer Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong, and bassist Randy Armstrong.

I say these guys live and they are pretty good but not much screaming if that's what your looking for

26 Texas in July
27 The Crimson Armada

The weird thing about this band is that I've heard that apparently they wanted to see if they could pull off being a Christian band, but that they themselves weren't Christians. Looking at some of their music videos, the lyrics don't match the video much at all. For example, the music video for "Forgive Me" presents a large party where the band seems to be fine with doing all kinds of not-so-Christian activities, while the lyrics are saying "So please forgive me if I can't keep quiet, I'm so fulfilled and so inspired, I've got to tell the world." That definitely confused me for a bit, since they weren't telling much aside with the videos aside from how hard they like to party. Anyway, great Christian lyrics and music from a (in my opinion) completely secular band. Weird, right?

I love these guys but its to bad that they are not a band anymore but they are awesome and they are good Christian poeple. And I have watched there interviews

28 In the Midst of Lions

So good. Good combination of deathcore and metalcore

29 Norma Jean

They have a very defined sound that is much different from any of the many Christian metalcore bands out there.

30 Abandon All Ships
31 I Prayed for An Afterlife
32 My Heart to Fear
33 Blood of the Martyrs
34 Becoming The Archetype

This is an awesome Christian Deathmetal/Deathcore band that their guitarist knows how to SHRED, and if that doesn't get you interested, for several of their albums Ryan Clark lead vocalist of Demon Hunter was their lead vocalist until some of their more recent albums. Packed with snarls, screams, and growls, and experience in Deathmetal since 1999 and signed to solid state records, the same record company that Demon Hunter is signed to, I think you'll like this band. A lot.

This band is on a different level musically. I look forward to new material from any of the musicians involved.

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35 The Great Commission
36 Confide
37 MyChildren MyBride

I really like how they are christain I hope that someone eslse likes these guys as much as I do. Iam just hoping that more christain poeple can lisin to more christain deathcore bands. But otherwise the band is good I love the beats I like it then they say if all should fail us now then faith will see us thorough

38 The Plot In You V 1 Comment
39 The Red Chord

Beyond the standard levels of 'brutal' music, this band has been a standard in the metal and hardcore scenes for quite some time. Massive.

40 Symphony in Peril
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