Top 10 Christian Power Metal Bands

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1 Theocracy Theocracy Theocracy is a Christian progressive power metal band founded in 2002 by Matt Smith of Athens, Georgia.

I have listened to a lot of Christian Power Metal and Theocracy is without a doubt the very best one around. Matt Smith is a great singer and songwriter and all of the guitar, drums, and keyboards are all very well done.

I've been listening to Theocracy for a while now and it never gets old! For something that started as a one man epic project has taken off to such powerful music! Matt pulled together an amazing group for Mirror of Souls. Can't wait to see what they do after they remaster the first album

Best Christian Metal band ever! 3 hardest albums I've seem in my life, songs over 11 minutes and one with 22! And all this was made by ONE ONLY PERSON, all the perfect letters, guitar solos, drums and keyboards! Just listen to the album "Mirror of Souls" and you'll understand

Their song "Mirror of Souls" is just masterpiece.

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2 Signum Regis

I don't understand how can they be the third...Harmony is better than Signum Regis.

Poweful and harmonic sound! Great vocals! real christian lyrics!

3 Narnia

Narnia is Neo Classical Metal fused with Power Metal, so it's questionable that they should be on this list. Still, one of the most underrated bands out there!

Should be number one! So underrated!

Simply the best power metal of all time

How is Narnia this low?!

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4 Harmony

Great lyrics, awesome music...I think they should be the first 'cause I think they're much more better than Theocracy.

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5 Golden Resurrection

Good band very neoclassical same singer as Narnia but the music is more upbeat than Narnia

They should be in the second or third, one of the best

Glory to my King the best song ever

The best lyrics and music!

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6 Seventh Avenue
7 Within Silence
8 Rob Rock

Actually Rob Rock is power metal. He incorporates heavy/speed metal with power metal and uses soaring power metal vocals. However, not all his albums are power metal. He's still one of my favorite power metal artists and his song eyes of eternity is my favorite one by him!

Rob Rock is Heavy/Speed Metal, not Power Metal, so he shouldn't be on the list.

9 Project Aegis
10 Gloriam Dei

Gloriam Dei is project to deliver melodic metal with christian missionary message and with positive attitude.

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11 Divinefire

They are not Power Metal, they are Speed/Thrash Metal fused with Power Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal, so they shouldn't be on this list. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic! They are just not Power Metal.

Very good Christian power metal band! No I can't listen to them to much because I listened them more than anything else.

They are not Power Metal, so they shouldn't be on this list.

12 Sinbreed V 2 Comments
13 Jacob's Dream
14 HB

Love their albums, the message is great, music is great

Good listening in English and Finnish!

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15 Sleeping Romance V 1 Comment
16 ReinXeed V 1 Comment
17 Majestic Vanguard
18 7days
19 Audiovision
20 Adiastasia

Not my favourite power metal band but a contender for that place. They only have one album but is quite good. Also they have a perhaps unusual but great inclusion of both English and Portuguese (the band was founded in Brazil). If your looking for something not terribly common like that you might want to check them out.

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