Best Christian Rap Albums

The Top Ten
1 Rebel - Lecrae Rebel - Lecrae Product Image

Best rap album ever. - letdot52

2 Dying to Live - Derek Minor
3 Heroes for Sale - Andy Mineo Heroes for Sale - Andy Mineo Product Image

One of the best rap albums in history.

4 Royal Flush - Flame Royal Flush - Flame Product Image
5 Real Talk - Lecrae Real Talk - Lecrae Product Image

Best Lecrae album EVER. Every single one of his songs is awesome.

6 Identity Crisis - Tedashii Identity Crisis - Tedashii Product Image
7 Redemption - Derek Minor
8 Blacklight - Tedashii Blacklight - Tedashii Product Image
9 Rehab - Lecrae Rehab - Lecrae Product Image
10 Therapy Session - NF Therapy Session - NF Product Image

My favourite NF album of all time!

The Contenders
11 Anomaly - Lecrae Anomaly - Lecrae Product Image

Second best Lecrae album, behind "Real Talk"

12 The Good Life - Trip Lee The Good Life - Trip Lee Product Image
13 Gravity - Lecrae Gravity - Lecrae Product Image
14 Five-Two Television - KJ-52 Five-Two Television - KJ-52 Product Image
15 Weight and Glory - KB Weight and Glory - KB Product Image

Best KB album out there. "Go off", "Angels", "Tear it down" and "Zone out" are all great.

16 Jesus is King - Kanye West Jesus is King - Kanye West Product Image
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