Nate Feuerstein


The best rapper in the entire rap game, in general. His lyrics aren't the pushy and corny words, that most "Christian Rappers" use, that ends up pushing a lot of people away from Christ. Non-believers listen to NF and even if they do not believe, they relate and see he is in the top 3 rappers of our time. In this way, they start to hear his lyrics, relate, and could be led to Christ by hearing some of NF's lyrics, that explains Christianity in a way where it doesn't run people away from God, if anything it def. helps them see the definition of Christian is not what non-believers see it as. He says" God gave me this as an outlet, I know He gave me a gift, to use music as medicine","Christian isn't the definition of a perfect me" "God gave me this music as therapy", "If God isn't real, then real isn't","I don't pretend to be perfect, because perfect people don't exist"... lyrics like this, explains how Christians aren't all ...more

One of the greatest rappers of all time. I can't wait for Mansion. He is way under-appreciated. He should easily be second on this list.

How is NF not #1? He is my most favorite rapper of all time. I can't name one song of his I don't like. I LOVE Real, Outcast, Lie, Goodbye, Wait, Got You On My Mind, Intro, Outro, I could go on forever! He raps about real stuff, doesn't swear, and all his music has a real message. His music is the only thing that gets me through hard times and for me, his music is SO relatable. I feel like he could almost be my brother, we've been through such similar traumatic events. He's my all time inspiration and I've began writing my own music, and I've found that I really enjoy it and I'm better at it than I though. Now I too use hip hop/rap as an outlet for my feelings and good/bad things that happen in life. I'm always typing away on a Google Doc or scribbling in a notebook with lyrics only similar people to me would understand. In my opinion, he doesn't sound like Eminem and in fact, he's said in the past that he wishes people would stop comparing them. Either way, in my opinion, NF is the ...more

This guy has heart to his music, and the rapping skills to match. His lyrics are motivating and strong, and, unlike LECRAE, he doesn't hang around mainstream rappers, which is not what a Christian rapper should do. I personally don't think he sounds like Eminem. He tells the story of his life in a powerful ways, but also tells us what we could do better as Christians. He is easily the best Christian rapper.

This man deserves much more credit than he is receiving. Don't believe me? On his latest album he has a song called intro 3. Which is a masterpiece! You'll want to listen to the song Mansion before you listen to intro 3 though to better understand and piece together the information. Nate makes you really sit down and think. He is raw and unapologetic about his talent and artistry. The man is a genius in story telling with his music! There is a reason he is #1 on iTunes right now!

This dude has talent best clean rapper I have heard, he can easily eat up the competition and make it to the top. He goes by NF and his music powerful. I also made music but I stopped, then I heard this rapper out of nowhere, the first song I heard was real and I was amazed. Didn't think rap can come at this level, made me look at my music again and continue to work hard on it. If anyone is curious you can check out my channel its ZinySasun I recommend listening to the song titled Cry. That one I put a lot more effort and was more knowledgeable about making music, I hope I get better with each song.

Not your typical Christian rapper. Raps about the problems he has and the things he is going through. Doesn't rap a whole lot about God. But you can obviously see how important God is to NF, from the way he talks about him, and how he copes with the crap that he has in his life.

Both of his albums, Mansion and therapy session, are musical and lyrical master pieces.

One of, if not my favorite rapper right now.

I don't understand why Nate isn't above lecrae. He is already one of the best and he isn't even a quarter way to his peak. If a rapper can be good enough to make me stop listening to Eminem by his fourth album at age 25, I think he deserves to be recognized as one of the best rappers.

This guy is a beast! can't say he's the best because they are all very talented artists. I would have to say I like his style the best though, he has a lot of intensity and passion in his voice and lyrics. He definitely sounds a bit like eminem which is an amazing compliment no matter which way you slice it. All in all this guy has a lot if talent and I feel he has more of a chance at reaching a lost soul do to the fact they might be able to relate to him more. he's definitely talented though and hope he keeps coming out with new tracks. Much respect Nate especially because you do it for god. God bless... Oh andy mineo is a beast as well!

I gave up listening to Eminem to hear this guy. To me, he's my favorite rapper and if he had more songs, it's probably all I would listen too. He can connect with people on a level without sounding trashy, and he proves rap can be cool without singing about sex, drugs, and money.

This rapper has immediately gone to my no. 1 favorite artist. He's just amazing with encouraging songs. He's very unheard of but he's SO GOOD! I hope he can make more songs soon so I can immediately buy the album. But the road he's on will take him very far in music. Who knows, maybe he's better than drake!

To me NF should be on top because he is like the realist rapper ever. He speaks to everyone no matter what they are going through he has a song for that problem. He has helped me through a lot and he has done the same for many others. Just because he does not put his raps next to the most lit beats they go perfectly together cause of how talented he is. Like he said himself he is not a Rap God he is just rapping his story and it started a movement. So I do hope a lot of people wake up and understand that the rappers like lecrea and KB are just turning into the world and following the world and sooner or later they are going to be just like them. That is why I don't like a lot of the new Christian rappers cause they are just like the people of the world and they sound just them.

Nate is not afraid to say what he's going through, and what he's feeling. He shows people who have not experienced what it's like to be abused and broken, that this is happening, and you can choose to be sulky and manipulative, or you can show others what god has done for you.

Love his music it's amazing and perfect for the rap I like favorite song has got to be either real or therapy session even the intro for the album therapy session intro 2 is awesome and really makes me want to listen to the rest of his music.

The New Thing. Nate is going to take the business by storm, taking it further then anyone before him, including Lecrae. Nate raps with passion, more passion than any other Christian rappers have. Nate Feuerstein is the new best thing.

Nate please write me back, I love your music it lifts me up every single day and reminds that life just keeps getting better. You have inspired many of my friends to come to you through your music. Thank you for all of the time you have put in to this.

His music is so inspirational and I feel like many people can relate to his situations when he was younger. I love how he just pours out his life and thoughts into his music and he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.

I found NF about a year ago and I have truly been impacted. His music reaches me in a way nothing does. It reminds me that god is out there and his work is real and I hear it through his music I listen to it and connect to god and feel passionate about it while listening to amazing music. It never gets old and no matter how many times I listen it always makes me feel like god is with me.

Dude is a beast. Therapy session is sleek, don't ever get tired of it, keeps me running. Even my non-christian homies be listening to the guy. His lyrics don't pollute the mind negatively, and he doesn't curse. What more is there to like?

Easily one of the best out there and is first in my book. He has developed his own style over time away from his influence, Eminem and continues to impress with every new song. (To me, he is actually better than Eminem's recent music)

He is very inspirational and calm I believe than having patience is important in surviving he has patience and dedication I believe in Nate that someday he will be a legend to not only me but many many others. God bless him!

He is an awesome rapper he's song therapy session inspired me because no matter what even if I'm mad I can go places with a smile on my face he states in the song do you want me to walk on the stage with a smile on my face when I'm mad

Best Christian rapper In my opinion. He brings so much story into his song. If you listen to the lyrics and think about them it gets really deep. Although the beat is great the lyrics is so much better.

Best Christian rapper out there. His lyrics are so inspirational I listen to him all the time!

I first heard his in a song with TobyMac and I LOVED it! I love the way he is direct and to the point about some things. We need to be more direct and to the point about things. Stop sugarcoating things, and he does just that.