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21 Propaganda

Probably the best lyricist on this list. The concepts of his songs are original and thought-provoking and his words are often very poetic. He's the type of artist who deserves a wider audience, but is too challenging to appeal to a mass audience. It's unfortunate, but I'm glad someone is making music like this.

He's a good fast rapper that's real and he's a good man of god

Very rooted in the word and outspoken. Overall a great rapper


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22 NF NF Nathan "Nate" John Feuerstein, whose stage name is NF, is an American Christian hip hop rapper, singer and musician.

I'm not all that into Christian rappers, but NF has been my favorite rapper since I heard one of his songs for the first time. Lyrically, he's a genius. His metaphors are brilliant. His flow is crazy fast. He only writes real lyrics about what he's been through, what he's dealing with, and what he thinks about things. Not only that, but he has an amazing voice. NF is what I like to call a REAL rapper, and there aren't many of those in my book.

NF is easily the most emotional rapper, not just in the Christian industry, but among all rappers. He is a brilliant writer, and an even more stunning lyricist. It is not an easy choice, because I do enjoy almost every rapper in the top ten, but with beats like these, he should be at the top.

I was sitting around with some friends who are very much not Christians and this guy came up and one of them started playing one of his songs. He should be much better know than he is, serious skills and incredible skill.

I've been addicted to his music ever since I have heard it the first time. He really shares a message with every one of his songs and I think he is the best rapper.

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23 Fluent Sound

Gotta check these guys out. Heard them through sound cloud and they are amazing!

Good Christian rapper out of Minnesota, these guys got bomb flow and can really deliver the message.

They will dominate the Christian hip hop world. Maybe even the real hip hop world.

Amazing people and amazing music, definitely worth listening to!

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24 Reconcile

This guy is really good. I kind of now him. Because I have him on FaceBook. He is an excellent rapper and his beats are great. God Bless.

He is a person who has went through a lot growing up. He manages to get to know Jesus. He has an amazing voice. He is an amazing rs

Reconcile must be at the top 10... because his voice, lyrics and beat are deep and amazing...

25 Swoope

One of the best lyricist out there his songs are so meaningful

Great flow. Reminds me of Kanye in the song "Imagine" by his group W.L.A.K.

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26 Seckond Chaynce

He should be much higher... I think this list is just based on Fame

He's an excellent speed rapper. God Bless.

Ok, I admit tedashii is my fave, but this guy NEEDS to be higher. Just listen to Spirit Fingers!

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27 Dwayne Tryumf

This guy should pretty be at the top 10. His songs are scriptural and truthful. I feel blessed with his songs.

He's a good rapper and he preaches the gospel well

He made " don't pack a matic " so he's pretty beast.

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28 Seven

I just want to say 7 belongs in the top 5 he's an awesome rapper his words truly penetrate the heart I get where he's coming from his music's not for everyone just for those that can relate to his story but he's definitely number two to me

Man listen, Sevin is by far one of the most talented and influential lyricists of this time. The reason you don't find him in the top 10 of this list is because he is extremely controversial. The majority opinion about his method and delivery is deemed by the status quo as unrighteous and unholy. I'm here to tell you though, Sevin has personally impacted my life and his projects have ministered to me within the depths of darkness and chaos which, in my humble opinion, is the very target of his ministerial capacity and agenda... Much love to Sevin and the HogMob family!

Sevin is a strong man of God and his word play is real I just can't say how blessed I feel to have his albums Hook,d on God

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29 Sho Baraka

Great rapper, has rapped with lecrae, trip lee, and all those guys. He especially though seems to rap to promote causes.

What is this dude doing at 126. He is surely in the top 25 if not in the top 10 best rappers.

What is he doing down here? A long time veteran of the Christian rap gang

Christian rapper who is not afraid to write about the deepest, darkest aspects of sin, in ourselves and society.

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30 Corey Paul

He is not known well but his rhymes are sick and he glorifies God.

Corey Paul is definitely one of the best in my opinion.

31 Puntin

He is the best doing it plan and simple wonderful man of God

One of the most talented, genuine and consistent artists I know. Grinds hard and he wants to see others be great. A true leader! Plus he cold on the mic and the production!

Everything Puntin puts out is fire! Can't wait for Bananas 4

Unique sound and quality lyrics that you wouldn't mind riding to

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32 Beautiful Eulogy

Wonderful poets, and rappers, and have one of the most unique sounds in Christian Hip-Hop

These dudes are so creative with their music, it's awesome! In my opinion they should definitely be ranked higher than 23

This is a great group. Braille, Odd Thomas & the other guy are awesome together. My favorite song is Anchors. God Bless.

This group got me started with Christian rap

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33 5ive

5ive shares the true gospel and even if there is 10 people in the audience or thousand he will go hard on his music because he speaks from the heart and he wants to save souls! Its not about the performance to him he is truly praising GOD every time he gets on that stage!

Wow! 5ive is unashamed of the gospel! My favorite rapper ever! Thanks for sharing Jesus! And he's a pretty awesome husband as well! -5ive's wife

Love this, my boy Craig goes hard in addition too walk the walk off stage as well! Looking forward to seeing what's in store for him! Blessings! Step

Not a good rapper, thinks about themselves all the time

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34 Tedashii

Is an awesome rapper representing Reach Records. He is an excellent speed rapper/hardcore style rapper also. God Bless.

Tedashii is an awesome rapper. God bless rap

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35 S.O.

Best most underrated Rapper in the game! Listen to the album "So it continues" EVERY SONG IS AMAZING

This guy is the best Christian lyricist guys, I mean really, listen to my life, or back to school.

One of the best gospel rappers I have heard to date! Totally underrated! Should make top 10!

Agreed with everyone that has commented about S.O. a lot of intellect in his rhymes.

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36 Mike Real

This guy has to be the best out there hands down! Lyrically he is a beast. I'm surprised he's not higher up!

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37 Manafest

An excellent blend of intense rock with amazing rap. His newest album is more rock, while his older ones are more rap. This music is so awesome, and the guy is Christian too!

Love Manafest. Lecrae is obviously the best, but I'm voting him up because he deserves to be top 5 because he is a legend to rap-rock in my eyes

This guy is the best rapper I've ever heard and he raps for God. He changes styles all the time. He is also killer live. - virtuosoinchrist

This guy is an amazing Rap/Rock Rapper. And songs with Trevor McNevan of TFK are some of my favorite song by this guy. And I also like the song Pray. God Bless.

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38 Braille

Listen to this dude's song and take a look at his lyrics true and touching he makes one to feel like rapping for Jesus is not just a rap But true conviction in Christ alone. His guy is supposed to be higher he expressed the words in the Bible of which people can hear and prompt to use his message

Is an excellent rapper. Ad this guy brings his own rap style to represent Jesus. And he has some great songs like Changed Hearts, Resurrect Me & Keep On. And ya'll should check out Braille vs Serge Rap Battle on Rapzilla. And God Bless.

39 Eshon Burgundy

I'd like to hear more CCHP artists like Eshon. I'm surprised he isn't higher on this list. His style is a bit smoother than other rappers on this list, which I like. Some of his tracks have a jazz influence. His music has high finesse and perhaps a bit lower adrenaline than other artists. His music is for reflective types like me who like to sit and meditate on music.

40 Shai Linne

Shai Linne has just got his music and Theology sorted. Thanks for Biblical based music! Who new you could have expository bible teaching in a Song! Whoop!

"If you come to Jesus for money then he's not your God, MONEY IS!

This dude is on point with his theology! Every song is so biblical, he's one of my favorites!

Shai don't just share story's of his life, he shares biblical theology! Thanks

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