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61 Manchild

Manchild from mars ill? no one heard, breath slow classic dope Christian hip hop anthem in my opinion

Fantastic flow, wordplay, rhymes; this guy's the whole package!

62 Capital Kings Capital Kings Capital Kings is an American pop, electronic and Christian pop act currently consisting of producer and rapper Cole Walowac.

I really enjoy Capital Kings! They're less of a rap group, and more hip hop/pop, similar to Group One Crew's style. Definitely one of favorite up and coming groups. Excited to see new works from them.

Again, I have nothing against these guys, but they deserve to be on a different list, because they aren't really rap.

Saw them at Winter Jam 2013 and loved them instantly.

Just love this group, their music is fresh and suitable for all ages

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63 Rapture Ruckus V 1 Comment
64 Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar

Not every song he writes is about God, but he clearly knows what's right and wrong and what it means to be a Christian. - Mcgillacuddy

Kendricks song "I" is entirely about his Christian beliefs and his religion.

He's not the Christian rapper that white evangelical high schoolers or college kids listen to, he's a guy that has had hard experiences and is honest about them and, to many peoples surprise, believes in Jesus. Anyone can listen to Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar, his songs are much worthy to listen.

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65 Tragic Hero

Probably the best upcoming Christian rapper listen to Try Again

Tragic Hero combines unmatched lyricism with a great ear for melody and superb beat selection. His content is transparent and delivered in a way that is unique not only in CHH but in the entire HipHop community. His recent album "My own worst enemy" was my favorite album of the year. Its production is incredible as well (if you are into musicality and not simply "turn up" tracks). Overall, Tragic seems like an honest and insanely talented artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries of HipHop.

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66 Phanatik

I can't believe none of the members of Cross Movement are in the top ten!

Its only because albums like heavens mentality and absoloutly christ centred evangelistic bangers like blood spilla is so old peeps can't remember how good they were. did I mention I like the track blood spilla

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67 JB Real

The most underrated and overlooked Christian rapper who could I think is the best rapper alive because of his rhymes and punchlines

JB Real-Underdog Overcomer--look it up and download it. You won't regret it.

68 HeeSun Lee

She may be a woman but this girl can rap and she definitely worships god while she taps.

One of the very few female Christian rappers. But her songs and lyrics are so good. If you haven't heard her yet start with "Plastic"

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69 Destiny Lab
70 Young Chozen

Easily has the top 5 flow of all, great voice, amazing lyrics, LIT

Are you guys crazy! Blake Young is a BEAST! So Good!

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71 Mr. G Reality

If you use to like Tupac you will like Mr. G Reality. He got the same type of flow and sounds like him too.

Definitely sounds like Pac and commandeered the style for Christ.

72 MC Jin

Asian rapper. Buff said. He even turned he from battle rapping.. He was a dang good one over there.

Yes, he is a great Christian rapper.

He's top 10, at least top 15 in my opinion!

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73 Army V 1 Comment
74 Beacon Light

Amazing artist with amazing album "Light on" My favorite track is "The Greatest"

75 Christon Gray

Has an amazing voice but can rap to complete it

Amazing, his singing voice sometimes sounds like stevie wonder quality/stevie wonder meets jay-z becomes a Christian makes really good music type thing, man Christian hip hop has come a long way>

76 Eric Hilgers
77 Hazakim

These guys are straight dope and drop theology.

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78 J. Vero
79 Deraj

Deraj is insane! Both of his albums are great. He has come to perform at my youth group twice and he was awesome. "nothing New" and "Squad" are some of my personal favorites. Look him up!

Epic Rapper! Needs to be like 6th place. Listen to his EP "Mirrors and Medicine" the whole thing is amazing!

80 Jay-R

This guy is cool and he is indeed the Nigeria number one rap dude, I first had him on templerap anagor's song and he is dope.

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