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141 Demon Slayer

This is a awesome artist, I love the album

142 B. Reith

THIS GUY IS AWESOME! So much soul. Love his song made for more

143 HillaryJane

This young lady can hold her own against any rapper. I really enjoyed her with Second.

144 Rhema Soul

Rhema souls are really good. Therefore, we ought to emulate them.

He rapped Malibongwe which means "let them be praised". He should be replacing many people on here.

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145 Skrip

Skrip is one of the most (versatile), underrated and thought provoking Rapper and Producer alive, not to mention, he can move the crowds, a true gem at his craft. Don't sleep on Skrip. Listen to • Becoming All Things, Underscore 1&2, Show and Tell, Renegades Never Die and others.

146 Social Club Social Club

Obviously this site needs some updating or more traffic or something because Social Club should be in the top 10 FOR SURE. Their " Misfit " movement has had a huge impact on my life and greatly influenced this generation to stand out, be different, and stand up for Christ. Their music has tight beats and great flow. I listen to to them all the time. Marty and Fern have both been redeemed through hard situations and rough lifestyles. God is using them through their music beautifully. As they say in their song " The one with my friends ", " No placements, won't make in top 5 " meaning they don't care if their music tops the charts or not, they want to make an impact and convey true messages. Not just some watered- down beat-around-the-bush kind of lyrics. Much respect for these guys! - Mikyla

Totally agree. His two songs Monte Carlo and Internal Review state my case.

Misfits 2 is a total banger

These guys are awesome

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147 KAS
148 Stevie Sightz

Hands down & quite arguably the best rapper (Secular or Christian) period! When you listen to this man, you can tell that He was born to do this, because everything about him & what He says rings different, and is lyrically intriguing! Check out his music if you don't believe!

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149 Vakanz

Awesome rapper, well rounded, young and will go far.

150 Ambassador

Really Really common this is a joke he should be higher

Definitely should be in the top 5. Who ever made this list isn't a real Hip-hop head.

He, with the rest of Cross Movement, should be in the top 10.

151 Aydrien' Banks V 1 Comment
152 Sagopa Kajmer
153 Exodus Movement
154 Sean C Johnson
155 Rick Ross Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur .

HAHA what is Rick Ross doing here? He is DEFINITELY not a Christian rapper. If you're looking for a Christian rapper, he ain't it for sure. Not trying to be hateful, just stating the facts. He needs to be removed ASAP. Oh and " shout out to all the pear " - Rick Ross ( sorry, I had to lol ) - Mikyla

Rick Ross is definitely not a Christian He's says he gave his soul to Satan for Fame and Money! And he's a member of the illuminati

I doubt he is truly a Christian by the songs he is in


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156 Gideonz Army

Come on! If you like Christian rap, their album Mainstream is a must for everyone! The three guys bring a great combo of speed, flow, and lyricism.

Best rap group out there. Mainstream album is boss!

These guys in my opinion are in the top 10

157 Pettidee

I've loved these guys since I was young enough to listen to rap.

158 Irina Tutberidze
159 Oscar Urbina V 1 Comment
160 3PFD

The first Christian battle rapper in the written era, and an excellent, Christ centered lyricist.

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