Best Christian Rock Music Videos

After watching TVU for the past several years, I felt that a list needed to be made for just christian rock music videos - bands like Red, Family Force 5, and House of Heroes that you'd normally see on the show. Unfortunately there's just so many good ones out there that I can only mention a few of the very best.

The Top Ten

1 You Are the Way - Lightswitch
2 Feed the Machine - Red

Fire? - Check. Awesome costumes? Check. Fitting story? Check. - Luvaddict77

3 Zombie - Family Force 5

Alright, maybe not their best song, but the music video is simply amazing, even more so since it was released around the time the bath salts thing happened in Florida. Complete with awesome dancing, costumes, and zombie cops. - Luvaddict77

4 Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin

The music video for this one has such a touching story with a twist ending that I couldn't not mention it. One of the few music videos out there that has made me cry because it was so touching and well done. - Luvaddict77

5 Don't You Know You're Beautiful - Seabird

Alright, so most of you probably aren't going to recognize these guys, even if their songs have been used in the promos for a few T.V. shows. But this song and music video together are guaranteed to help anyone struggling with self image feel a little better about themselves. Definitely a must watch in my book. - Luvaddict77

6 Not Gonna Die - Skillet
7 Hands - The Almost

Very meaningful, inspiring video. In case you didn't know, the lead singer of this band is Underoath's ex drummer Aaron Gillespie. - Luvaddict77

8 Feelin So Fly - TobyMac

This video was filmed while they were touring with a few other awesome christian rock bands, and shows them all dancing and having a good time. Also has Issac "Tub-o" Deitz, who is responsible for making a lot of great music videos for bands like Family Force 5 and House of Heroes. - Luvaddict77

9 Off With Her Head - Icon for Hire

Amazing costumes and song. If you haven't heard of these guy yet, check them out. - Luvaddict77

10 No Plan B - Manafest

What can be more awesome than skating the streets of Tokyo? - Luvaddict77

The Contenders

11 Make A Move - Icon for Hire
12 Monster - Skillet

Great song that really fit the instrumentals

13 Beautiful Bride - Flyleaf
14 The Sound (John M. Perkin's Blues) - Switchfoot

Very inspiring story behind the song, which is told through this video. - Luvaddict77

15 Stay Close - Fireflight
16 War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch
17 Believe - The Letter Black
18 Lost Connection With the Head - Showbread

These guys may be a little strange, but they deserve a lot more credit than they're given. Which is why I'm mentioning them here. They put most of their music videos together themselves and have even done stuff for other bands like Abandon Kansas. - Luvaddict77

19 God Save the Foolish Kings - House of Heroes
20 Sick of It - Skillet

Awesome band of Rock.

21 Love Addict - Family Force 5
22 This Is Home - Switchfoot
23 Death of Me - RED
24 Feel Invincible - Skillet

The best christian rock band and the best song.

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