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61 The Almost
62 Being As an Ocean

Awesome sound, incredible passion for their music and faith, and outstanding lyrics that have lifted my Christian faith off the rocks

Teenage son loves screamo music and I was pleased to hear him talk up the positive lyrics in this bands music.

Hands down the best screamo band out! Should be in the top ten can't believe they didn't even make the list

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63 The Naked Wise Men

An exotic trio that is only performing in Capella

This is gay

64 As Cities Burn
65 Kids In the Way

Good music but not as screamo as most people want. They can be compared with Still Remains I guess.

66 Disciple Thirteen
67 For All Eternity

They are throughly a god mucian... Just try to listen their music andread there lyrics god bless... Hope you enjoy

68 I, the Breather
69 Abandon All Ships
70 I Prayed for An Afterlife
71 Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
72 A Feast for Kings
73 Into the Flood

They have one album, Vices, and it is GOLDEN. They are probably the best up and coming screamo Christian bands I've ever heard

74 Spoken

My favorite for sure. Befire bieng saved I used to listen to silverstein a lot and onced I was saved and found spoken I was so excited to find a band like them.

75 Resurrection Band

They are the godfathers of heavy metal
Rocking since 1972

76 Nameless Fades
77 Akissforjersey

Skillet is mad awesome especially that song rise that's my top song

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78 Jacob's Bible

The newest upcoming band that is taking over the Christian rock realm! New CD coming out in 2017.

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