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1 Stripped

Her best album. In my opinion her debut was a musical suicide and she wasn't her, she was just a voice. But in Stripped is just herself, she wrote her own songs (and really good lyrics! ) and she changed for BETTER. Back to Basics is amazing to, but Stripped is my favourite.

I must to say that Stripped is her best album. Back to basics is such a masterpiece, but Stripped is a legend: Beautiful, Fighter, Dirrty, The voice within, I'm ok...

I can listen to all of the songs on this album and enjoy it! I love this album! I really don't like Back to Basics that much because it's not my type of music I like/listen to.

It's got the beautifulness of beautiful funnies of dirty empowerment from fighter

2 Back to Basics

This is a pretty hard choice between Back to Basics and Stripped. Stripped has more songs that I LOVE but B2B has more songs that I LIKE. Neither album has one song I dislike. But for me, the fragmentation of Stripped (all the different directions) leaves it slightly inferior to B2B, which is put together masterfully. It's well organized, the vision is much clearer and the final product is nearly impeccable. - theOpinionatedOne

WOW. Ain't No Other Man, Candyman, Mercy On Me, Makes Me Wanna Pray, Understand, Hurt AND Oh Mother all on one CD, so what if Stripped has Beautiful, Fighter and Stripped Pt.1 B2B wins! - ChristinaBSITW

This was her best album ever

Stripped and back to basics mold her career and there’s no other albums of her can’t top these masterpieces. For me, I love stripped but I stan forever back to basics, because xtina evolve and change her game again on this album by reinventing music from 1920s to 1950s musicality. So far, this is her most cohesive album to date and also a lot heart warming ballads on this record. Happy 12th anniversary. Back to basics!

3 Bionic

You peeps should hear All I Need, Stronger Than Ever, Birds of Prey, and You Lost Me. Each is a ballad, each is amazingly amazing, and they are on the Bionic album!

This 2010s. Bionic and lotus are my fave album. Although it is underrated. It is much better than todays music

4 Christina Aguilera Christina María Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants" and more.

Genie In A Bottle was in this album therefore it's an automatic win. First.

Here’s my own lists:
1. Christina aguilera/ mi reflejo- her foundation album. Without this, there’s no other album of her entire career. Her best album in my opinion
2. Back to basics- love the old school sounds incorporated on this album. My second favorite of her.
3. Lotus- some people say that this is her worst album. But I listened to it almost 100x. This album is lit!
4. Liberation- even though she will releasing this, later this year, I expecting this album to have an amazing songs
5. Stripped- her most beloved and overrated album of her career. People said this is her most iconic album. But,sorry, I only enjoy 2 songs on this album. And the songs are not cohesive
6. Bionic- this album is like stripped part 2. No substance at all. Just a bunch of lady gaga-ish sounds. That’s why for me this is her worst album of her career.

5 Lotus

Lotus should be a hit! People like Britney Spears who uses heavy auto tunes can go on the top charts, but Christina! The Best singer in the world who does not use auto tune is not even on the top charts, this is ridiculous! Lotus should be a hit!

This should be higher than bionic like come on now the songs on this album is amazing this should be higher

I love this album, there are amazing songs like Just a fool, Sing for me, Blank page, Your body, Army of me... My top 5 Xtina's albums is somthing like this:

1. Stripped
2. Back to basics
3. Lotus
4. Bionic
5. Christina Aguilera (debut)

Lotus is the best so far I love all of her songs on this one I love all of her songs on all her albums this how my list would be!

1. Lotus
2. Burlesque
3. Back to basics
4. Keeps getting better decade of hits
5. Stripped
6. Bionic
7. My kind of christmas
8. Mi reflejo
9. Christina aguilera
10. Just be free
I love all of them she the best singer ever all her songs have meaning and heart to them shes my idol FIGHTER for life!

6 Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits
7 Burlesque
8 Mi Reflejo
9 Liberation
10 My Kind of Christmas

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11 Moulin Rouge
12 Mulan
13 Shark Tale
14 Just Be Free (Demo)
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