Top 10 Christina Aguilera Songs that Should Have Been Released as a Single

Christina has more hidden album gems than I can count. These are the album tracks that I think should have been singles. This is NOT a "Best Non-Singles" list. These are songs that I think would have had success on radio and/or on the charts.

-"Slow Down Baby" (It was a single in Australia)
-"Oh Mother" (It was a single in Europe)
-"I Hate Boys" (It was a single in Australia and NZ)
-"Express" (It was a single)
-"Show Me How You Burlesque" (It was a single)

The Top Ten

1 Lift Me Up

A lot of people who know this song and Bionic can agree that this was one of the album's best songs and deserved more attention. - theOpinionatedOne

2 Get Mine, Get Yours

This would have been a MASSIVE hit if it were released in between "Beautiful" and "Fighter". It's catchy, radio-friendly, and her voice is great on it. - theOpinionatedOne

3 Back in the Day

Though not my favorite non-single from Back to Basics, it's one of the more radio friendly of the album. Christina did a good job choosing which songs to release as singles from B2B but for an album with 22 songs, it needed at least two more. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Bound to You

This is a mystery to me. The best song from Burlesque was not made a single. I don't understand it. - theOpinionatedOne

5 Army of Me

Lotus may have been a flop album but Christina could have issued more singles from it to try to boost sales a little. I mean there were only two singles and it had a bunch of radio friendly songs. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Understand

This should have been the second single before "Hurt." This on is a bit more radio friendly and would have provided a better continuation of success on the charts.
The singles for B2B should have been like so...

1. Ain't No Other Man
2. Understand
3. Hurt
4. Back in the Day
5. Candyman
6. Slow Down Baby
7. Oh Mother
8. Save Me from Myself - theOpinionatedOne

7 Let There Be Love

An obvious candidate for single release. There was a music video made for it so I don't know why she didn't issue it to radio stations. - theOpinionatedOne

8 Monday Morning

Could have been a moderate radio hit at least. - theOpinionatedOne

9 El Beso del Final

Easily my favorite song off of Mi Reflejo. It's rhythmic. It's catchy. Her voice is great. - theOpinionatedOne

10 Walk Away

A bit long to be a single but it's frequently listed as a fan favorite and often placed highly in people's favorite songs from Stripped. - theOpinionatedOne

The Contenders

11 Dynamite

Can't believe I forgot to put this on the list! - theOpinionatedOne

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