Top 10 Christina Aguilera Songs that Should Have Been Released as a Single

Christina has more hidden album gems than I can count. These are the album tracks that I think should have been singles. This is NOT a "Best Non-Singles" list. These are songs that I think would have had success on radio and/or on the charts.

-"Slow Down Baby" (It was a single in Australia)
-"Oh Mother" (It was a single in Europe)
-"I Hate Boys" (It was a single in Australia and NZ)
-"Express" (It was a single)
-"Show Me How You Burlesque" (It was a single)

The Top Ten

1 Lift Me Up

A lot of people who know this song and Bionic can agree that this was one of the album's best songs and deserved more attention. - theOpinionatedOne

2 Get Mine, Get Yours

This would have been a MASSIVE hit if it were released in between "Beautiful" and "Fighter". It's catchy, radio-friendly, and her voice is great on it. - theOpinionatedOne

3 Back in the Day

Though not my favorite non-single from Back to Basics, it's one of the more radio friendly of the album. Christina did a good job choosing which songs to release as singles from B2B but for an album with 22 songs, it needed at least two more. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Bound to You

This is a mystery to me. The best song from Burlesque was not made a single. I don't understand it. - theOpinionatedOne

5 Army of Me

Lotus may have been a flop album but Christina could have issued more singles from it to try to boost sales a little. I mean there were only two singles and it had a bunch of radio friendly songs. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Understand V 1 Comment
7 Let There Be Love

An obvious candidate for single release. There was a music video made for it so I don't know why she didn't issue it to radio stations. - theOpinionatedOne

8 Monday Morning

Could have been a moderate radio hit at least. - theOpinionatedOne

9 El Beso del Final

Easily my favorite song off of Mi Reflejo. It's rhythmic. It's catchy. Her voice is great. - theOpinionatedOne

10 Walk Away

A bit long to be a single but it's frequently listed as a fan favorite and often placed highly in people's favorite songs from Stripped. - theOpinionatedOne

The Contenders

11 Dynamite

Can't believe I forgot to put this on the list! - theOpinionatedOne

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