Top Ten Best Christmas Decorations

The Top Ten
1 Christmas Tree

I love Christmas trees. They make me feel very romantic.

Well duh! The Christmas tree is definitely the best.

The tree is the most important, after all.

Takes up the whole scenery, usually!

2 Lights

There are many houses in my neighborhood that are nearly covered in lights. Nevertheless, they're impressive & worth looking at.

Me and my dad like putting up Christmas lights outside our house during Christmas time.

Trust me when I say there are some crazy lights at Christmas time.

We always go for drives during the night to see other Christmas lights, they’re always pretty good.

3 Gingerbread House

I love gingerbread houses! They're so fun to make and so cool! I especially love eating them

I still make these, but my brother loves turning these innocent houses into war scenes.

Fun to eat and fun to eat!

They're stylish AND functional(function as a snack)!

4 Christmas Lawn Ornaments

I essentially mean things like crosses or snowmen, etc.

5 Christmas Cookies

These don't get as high because they aren't really decorations, but they do look nice. And they taste awesome!

Not a decoration you just eat them at Christmas. You put Mince Pies and Whisky on the table.

If you lay them out with some milk on a table, they may resemble decor somewhat.

Its Christmas biscuits. Unless its chocolate chip cookies.

6 Santa's Sleigh

Sometimes you see these on rooftops!

7 Christmas Wreath

Why are Christmas wreaths twice on the list?

8 Nativity Scenes

There should be no wise men in Nativity sets and no animals either but still the best decoration

9 Inflatable Snowman, Reindeer, etc.
10 Elf On the Shelf

Lol, these are so cute. We still have like 2 that were my grandma's.

My English teacher has one named Bernard. :P

The Contenders
11 Stockings
12 A Star
13 Train Tracks Under the Tree
14 Garland
15 A Manger
16 Candle

Makes the rooms smell better too.

I have too many candles.

17 Rocking Horse

This is in my house YEAR-ROUND!

18 Advent Calendar
19 Christmas Crackers

Pull it and get the paper hat, stupid joke and a little gift. Come on Yanks you need them in your country you had a rubbish childhood growing up at Christmas without them.

20 Polar Bear The polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.
21 Christmas Plushies
22 Christmas Village
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