Top Ten Best Christmas Foods and Drinks

Christmas is approaching fast, the stores are crawling with people trying to get ready for the holiday. But why don't we look at what we consider the best foods or drinks to eat around the Christmas holiday.

The Top Ten

1 Hot Chocolate

Mmm! Hot chocolate with marshmallows, whip cream, & sprinkles!

It's alright, but it's no good without the marshmallows. - mattstat716

Love me a good hot chocolate, espeically with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Very nice to drink around the holidays. - Phillip873

2 Honey Glazed Ham

The main meat of Christmas dinners, I prefer Christmas ham over Thanksgiving turkey anyday! - Phillip873


Yuck, I hate honey.
Regular Ham for me, please. - mattstat716

3 Fudge Fudge

I usually eat quite a bit of fudge during the holidays, I simply cannot resist it! - Phillip873

Mm, fudge. - mattstat716

4 Chocolate Chip Cookies

You got to love those tin cans that some Christmas cookies sometimes come in. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? - Phillip873

More like any cookies.. - mattstat716

5 Salmon Salmon

It's usually served in Christmas dinners (well the ones I've been to) and I like salmon. - Phillip873

Yes. I especially loved grilled salmon.

Salmon's okay, I guess. - mattstat716

6 Mashed Potatoes

Can't go wrong with mashed potatoes and gravy at Christmas dinner! - Phillip873

7 Gingerbread Cookies

They taste good but I don't like them as much in excess. - Phillip873

8 Milk

Plain old milk is always fine with me. - Phillip873

Chocolate milk is awesome

9 Gumdrops

They taste nice but I get sick if I eat way too much - Phillip873

10 Stuffing


The Contenders

11 Pie
12 Eggnog

I don't like it much but it is a favorite so I will put it here. - Phillip873

13 Chocolate
14 Apple Cider
15 Peppermint
16 Popcorn

No one? hmmm just me I guess

17 Candy Canes

My favorite besides Chocolate Pie! (and Popcorn! )

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