Best Christmas Foods


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1 Egg Nog

Greatest. Drink. Ever. In the history of history. - Prime

Greatest Christmas drink ever!

I'm having an eggnog craving right now. The best part is that eggnog is avalible and it's in the fridge!

2 Roasted Turkey

Have it every year. Sick of it by New Year. But it's a family Christmas tradition and one which will carry on for generations. - Britgirl

Just the thought of roasted Turkey makes my mouth water - Ajkloth

I'm sorry but I don't have Turkey at Christmas I have lamb or beef

This should be number 1! Its awesome with gravy! :D

3 Apple Cider

Nothing like a nice cup of Apple Cider. Can't wait until Christmas! - Alpha101

4 Christmas Cookies

I can't wait until Christmas - Jake09

These should be number one.

I love Christmas cookies!

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5 Leg of Lamb
6 Stuffing
7 Cranberry Sauce
8 Turkey
9 Candied Sweet Potatoes
10 Sweet Potatoes

The Contenders

11 Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
12 Pumpkin Pecan Pie
13 Green Bean Casserole
14 Ham
15 Rolls
16 Christmas Candy
17 Pandoro
18 Croissants
19 Christmas Ham
20 Bannana Pudding
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