Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2018

The 2018 Christmas season is already here and in full swing. Here is a list of the best gifts the kids and adults in your life are asking for.

The Top Ten

1 Nintendo Switch

Not just for the kids, the tween and teens will love you for getting them the newest console/handheld device. Heck, the adults will enjoy it too. - Finch

Best console gaming system out right now. PS4 might have God of War and Xbox might have... actually nothing anymore, but Nintendo Switch has Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, soon to come Animal Crossing and Metroid, Mario Party, Smash Bros, Yoshi, Kirby. More to come too. Get it. - TheRock222

My grandma got this for me and then my mom smashed it because I had a D in science - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

I already own one though - darthvadern

2 Bose Headphones

Noise cancelling at its finest... Bose headphones will keep their music in, and the noise out. Get yourself a pair while you're at it. - Finch

I think I might consider getting some new headphones sometime.

Way better than Beats, fit awesome over your ears

Are they expensive? - Userguy44

3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Overrated. Not enough newcomers. Where the hell is Issac and Shadow?! - Smash64

It's going to be a good game. - Marxcute19

This game is going to be so good

I got it for Christmas this year yay

4 Red Dead Redemption 2

If you want a good single player game, please buy this. It's unfairly good to be honest. The only problem we have with the game right now is the awful economy in Red Dead Online Beta but I heard that they're balancing it out. Still, even just for the single player experience, this is a must-have. - Mcgillacuddy

5 Leather Journal

I think I should carry a journal around. What I put into it, I'm not sure.

You can place it in a time capsule or document what you see in the woods.

Seems like people are always wanting to start journaling for the new year... It probably won't stick but might as well give it a chance with a nice leather journal. - Finch

Especially handmade ones - blackflower

6 Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit, Garmin, Apple (if you can afford it) or some of the many others on the market are a sure bet for anyone looking to track their well being. The Fitbit has the quality, price, and features you can't beat though. - Finch

need one

I really want a Fitbit but can’t afford it... YES

7 Google Chromebook

That's what I got for Christmas but I got my gifts on December 1. Haha

All the features of the more expensive tablet/laptops out there but none of the financial hit. - Finch

It looks so cool I want one

i like it

8 Amazon Gift Card

Yes it's boring and impersonal... But it's also exactly what they want - to buy their own stuff and not have to fake excitement over the socks you would have picked out. - Finch

That's what I want - BreakFastBeast2005

9 Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Amazing game

10 iPhone X

I have I wish I hadn't spent all that money...iPhone 11 is here! Great. Just great. - BloodFang

I don't feel like coughing up $1100 for a damn phone - Mcgillacuddy

Should be higher. - 23MACCAja

I have a iPhone XR and I love it

The Contenders

11 Google Pixel 3
12 PlayStation 4 Slim
13 PlayStation Classic

With no Crash, Spyro or Tomb Raider games its not really a PlayStation Classic. - egnomac

Don't get this thing. They left out a lot of really important games. - Mcgillacuddy


NO PARAPPA?! - poopesmoji111

14 The Legend of Final Fantasy VI (Book)
15 Roomba

Who really wants to be cleaning up Christmas afternoon of the day after the many holiday parties? A Roomba will take care of those plus help with the upcoming spring cleaning. - Finch

16 Echo Spot

Yes, it's a timesaver and yes it just looks cool. Nothing wrong with that. - Finch

17 Fortnite

You don't need to get this for Christmas. You can get it for free.

You don't need to wait until Christmas for this game. You can just download it anytime you want on PC, mobile, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Great game for boys and girls

SO BAD-glitter ruby

18 GoPro Hero7 Black

Upscale that YouTube channel they're working on with a new wearable camera. HD, Social Media connected, waterproof... What's not to love? - Finch

I'm actually getting one of these for Christmas - Mcgillacuddy

19 Minecraft

Terrible, absolutely terrible. I'm disgusted! - Vip3r

The most awesome game ever.

I hate this stupid, childish and boring game.

Absolutely awful game.

20 Super Mario Odyssey

I love this adventure game

21 Mario Kart Monopoly

This Christmas wish came true! - Gabriola

22 Kid Made Ultimate Arts and Crafts Center

Everything from beads, jewels, glue sticks, googly eyes, to string and scissors. Finally get the kids off the electronics and into making something real. - Finch

23 Funko Pop!

Oh my these look funny!

Ed Sheeran - Yes please!
Fortnite - Please, Just no!

24 Super Mario Party

Why not? I will probably get it - darthvadern

Great game I love to play it

Way better than some of the other recent MP games. - Solacress

25 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Auto Morphin Ranger Figure

There were re-releases for it this year to celebrate said series' 25th anniversary. - SailorSedna

26 WalMart Gift Card

Almost as good as Amazon, and maybe better if you live near a WM store.

27 Gibson Les Paul

I wish I could afford it 😕 - Userguy44

28 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
29 Final Fantasy VII
30 Xbox One X

The most powerful console ever - HaloFanboy

I will definitely save up for it

31 Forza Horizon 4

I want it a lot

32 Gundam Versus
33 Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!

Want it so bad

Smash ultimate”s better - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

34 Firepower - Judas Priest
35 Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper

Who added this here Barbie sucks

36 figma Fate Testarossa Harlaown (StrikerS Barrier Jacket version)
37 Legos
38 Rocko's Modern Life: The Complete Series

Ironically, the new version of it supposedly isn't actually complete (not even in terms of actually having all of the episodes featured on it, due to removal of at least one of the specials) but is still worth mentioning - xandermartin98

Really? But ok everybody's different. - 23windomt

39 Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

I didn't get one for Christmas

tHis Is sO sAdD
AlExA pLeY 🅱️eSpAcIt🅾️ - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

40 Super NES Classic Edition

I own one, but the buttons are purple. - IceFoxPlayz

41 Seitenhirsch (Deluxe Box Set) - Die Ärzte

Their complete collection with all albums and a selection of EPs. - Martin_Canine

42 F-Zero GP Legend DVD
43 Fidget Spinners

What were the purpose of these things again? Because I forgot - Mcgillacuddy

Apparently to help people with a certain condition (I forget the name) concentrate, even though they distract others. - Bammer73

Uh, no thank you. - IceFoxPlayz

Very overrated stuff. - Userguy44

I have blue fidget spinners... - LapisBob

44 Steam Gift Card
45 Vbucks - Fortnite
46 Magolor Plush
47 L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll

No, just no... - PerfectImpulseX

NOPE - IceFoxPlayz

48 Metal Detector
49 Steven Universe DVD
50 Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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