Song Legends {Episode 5} - All I Want For Christmas (Theocracy)

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This is Theocracy's eighth Christmas single from 2010. Requested by Metal_Treasure as a fashionably late Christmas song.

I know it's intentional but the lyrics are just so cringy. Actually, anything to do with Santa on a serious sounding, power metal song compared with serious issues is never going to be liked by me. Some people might find it funny but I think I'm a bit of a Scrooge and songs with Santa in them usually make me want to repeatedly bang my head into a wall. I'd prefer it a lot if they got rid of the whole Santa idea and just wrote a song about unemployment. However, as it is intentionally cringy and I'm biased against Santa themed songs, I won't give it too low a mark.

Like most power metal songs, it has a very fast tempo with very technical guitar and a fast, steady drum beat. I particularly love the drums, I think they really drive the song and the guitar is very good as well - the guitar solo was very enjoyable. The instruments are easily the best part of the song.

His vocals are nothing special - they are very good but I've heard many better power metal vocals. There's nothing wrong with his singing exactly but its just nothing unique that I haven't heard before in other power metal/trad heavy metal vocalists. I also can't take him seriously when he's. singing about Santa. However, I really like the backing vocals and the guy who does the almost-growling bit in the middle is very good.

I really like the structure to this song. It has a steady build-up throughout the song and it also has the almost-growling section (as I call it) which varies the song. The climax is right at the end and is basically a repeat of the chorus but higher and louder. There's nothing that needs to be changed about the structure so it gets full marks.

I have no clue what to do for this section but I know it won't be a high score. I don't know this band well enough to tell whether this song was a success or not within the community that likes this band so I may edit it later. It isn't on the best Theocracy songs list but it is number one on the best Christmas Theocracy songs list so I guess I'll give it a 6 (5 and below means it was disliked).
Edit - Apparently it's liked in the metal community for its lyrics (thanks Metal_Treasure), but I'll never share that opinion.

My Opinion:
It sounds very good, especially the almost-growling bit and it's definitely an enjoyable song but did it have to be about Santa? I can't take anything seriously when it's about Santa.

So that is 51/60 leaving it fifth behind "Man In The Box". It might be higher if I wasn't so Theocrazy about song lyrics to do with Santa (see what I did there).