Top 10 Christmas Songs In South Park

Continuing with my South Park obsession, this is the 10 all round best Christmas songs in South Park. This does include songs from Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics. I hope you like the Christmas songs too.

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1 Merry F**king Christmas

Lol that one was funny

List Creator: number 1: Performed by Mr Garrison, This fiery Song really spreads the Christmas spirit whether you like it or not, and it takes the top spot for being so well written, and of course hilarious. - Luke72New

So funny - Ihateschool

2 Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo

This song is still played on the music channels nearly every Christmas lmao

List Creator: No.2: This is the most legendary South Park Christmas song, it even made it to no.4 in the UK charts! It really spreads the magic of Mr Hankey, feeling like an actual Christmas song and just being very festive. - Luke72New

3 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

List Creator: No.3: This beautifully sung cover version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas performed by Mr Hankey has such a high place for summing up the album, and when put in context being actually quite emotional as in the episode was a tribute to the female voice actor Mary Kay Bergman whose talents are still missed in South Park. - Luke72New

4 Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

List Creator: No.5: This song is technically a Hanukkah song but fits in with the Christmas album perfectly. The song is very well written and I respect it for having a substantial running time. I love the progression to everyone singing at once and it's just a solid good song, also nice to hear Kyle singing for a change. - Luke72New

5 Woodland Critter Christmas

List Creator: No.4: the definitive song of the last Christmas episode we've seen, Woodland Critter Christmas is very catchy and sounds so innocent until the 'Hail Satan! ' part. I loved this episode and the song is what really completes it. - Luke72New

6 The Circle Of Poo

List Creator: No.6: featured in 'A Very Crappy Christmas', this song which (technically a parody) features some of the best of Mr Hankey, as well as introducing Cornwallis with a brilliant singing voice. It tells the story perfectly and now I am firm believer in the circle of poo. - Luke72New

7 O Holy Night

List Creator: No.8: Another great song from Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics, Cartman undeniably sings the true meaning of Christmas. It's just a good song. - Luke72New

Kyle gets to shock cartman if he screws up

8 Christmas Time In Hell

List Creator: No.7: A very different Christmas song, this tells a very different Christmas story in a surprisingly jolly way. Satan shows off some great vocals mixed in with some very clever lyrics. - Luke72New

9 Carol Of The Bells

List Creator: No.9: Mr Mackey's version of this song is good, set apart from the original by a few 'M'kays'. This song would be nothing without the much loved Mr Mackey and I credit it for being one of very few Mackey songs. It was hard deciding whether to choose this or 'I Saw Three Ships' but my love for Mackey gave it the edge. - Luke72New

10 The Poo Choo Train

List Creator: No.10: Makes the list because 'Christmas time wouldn't be the same without hugs and kisses and a Poo Choo Train'. Though it is only 30 seconds long, this song is very memorable from 'Red Sleigh Down'. Thanks for Reading my list, please vote and comment yourself. - Luke72New

The Contenders

11 A Lonely Jew On Christmas

I can relate to him - Ihateschool

12 The Most Offensive Song Ever

While the lyrics are completely inappropriate, Kenny's adorable mumbling steals this song for me. It's so cute! X333 - DemonSpider253

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It's not a Christmas song, it was just sung at Christmas I don't know why

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