Top Ten Christmas Ways to Increase E-Commerce Store Sales


The Top Ten

1 Update Meta tags

You can use holiday meta-tags by inserting keywords in relevance to holidays. - softprodigy

2 Run Contests

Run some contests before 1 month or 15 days, and announce winner around the festival. - softprodigy

3 Social Media Optimization

Update your social media channels as per holiday season. - softprodigy

4 Customize Landing Page

Create a holiday based landing page and do promotion in accordance - softprodigy

5 Press Release Submission

Write PR arounds the offer you run for your ecommerce website store. - softprodigy

6 Giveaways

Offer freebie on purchase of some specific ecommerce magento extension or plugin. - softprodigy

7 Sense of Urgency

Create a buzz around your ecommerce website store. - softprodigy

8 Email Marketing

Triggers emails to intended customers and run effective email marketing campaigns. - softprodigy

9 Market Trends

Make use of Google Trends to know about which keywords can help you more. - softprodigy

10 Negative Keyword

Make use of negative keywords to avoid paying for traffic that won’t lead into shoppers. - softprodigy

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