Top Ten Best Chuck Palahniuk Books

Chuck Palahniuk has written a number of books that have turned into major movies (Fight Club, Choke... ) and has been influential in even more movies. However, there is something special about reading a book. Not seeing a preview ahead of time and not hearing a million reviewers give away the endings.

This is a list of the best books by Chuck Palahniuk. These are not necessarily in order of popularity but based on my reading them all and deciding which are the best written and most entertaining.

The Top Ten

1 Fight Club

The book that started it all off for Chuck. This one hasn't been ruined by being made into a movie - though many of the best parts were left off the screen. - Finch

2 Survivor

A book about a survivor of a cult, as told through his own eyes while on a plane. - Finch

3 Invisible Monsters Remix

A story of a tragically disfigured model traveling across the country looking for the next fix of stolen pain meds. The Remix version is written the way he originally envisioned the layout to be... - Finch

4 Lullaby

A story of a newspaper reporter researching SIDS who becomes something else entirely. - Finch

5 Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Both psychological and physiological, this book has everything from romance, to time travel. Definitely makes you think twice, or thrice... - Finch

6 Haunted

A story told through 23 individual short stories that each relate back to the main plot. Very artistic and dark a the same time. - Finch

Too good

7 Choke

From sex addiction to building an unknown future, this book has a little bit for everyone - both the miscreant and the artist. - Finch


8 Diary

Imagine a reclusive artist living on a prestigious island, tortured by her past but unsure of the magic she wields with her brush. - Finch

9 Pygmy

Once you get used to the broken English and cadence of the main character, the book is a quick read due to the entertainment alone. Then there's the social commentary. - Finch

10 Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories

One of his best works of non-fiction, Learning about the world through the eyes of a novelist is truly an entertaining experience. It'll make you wonder who you live next to. - Finch

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11 Beautiful You
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1. Lullaby
2. Invisible Monsters Remix
3. Fight Club
1. Survivor
2. Fight Club
3. Invisible Monsters Remix


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