Top 10 Greatest Chucky/Child's Play Moments

The Top Ten

1 You've Been Very Naughty (Child's Play 2)
2 Charred Chucky (Child's Play)
3 Chucky: I Hate Kids (Child's Play 2)
4 Andy vs Haircut Chucky (Cult of Chucky)
5 Chucky/Charles Lee Ray's Flashback (Curse of Chucky)
6 Chucky vs Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)
7 Chucky's Face Cut Off (Child's Play 3)
8 Karen Barclay's First Encounter With Chucky (Child's Play)
9 Andy Barclay's Cameo (Curse of Chucky)
10 Chucky vs Glen (Seed of Chucky)
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