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1 Iglesia ni Cristo (The Church of Christ)

When examining and dissecting other religious organizations this is the only religion that follows the bible. This religion has no outside businesses/ affiliation with outside financial institutions to gain profit. But with the voluntary offerings given by its members are able to build grandiose houses of worship and help those who are affected by calamities. Every question that is asked is always answered by the bible and never an opinion by its leaders. Truly this is the last work of salvation.

I believe it is the re establishment of the first century church of Christ in the first century with Bro. Felix Manalo as the last messenger according to prophecy in the bible

This is the only church backed up by biblical prophecies. Please examine and learn it's doctrines and you'll be astonished once you've finished all the lessons being taught in the bible study. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is based on the Holy Scriptures.

The doctrines and teachings of the Church of Christ are all based on Word of God written in the Bible

2 Roman Catholic Church

They are the fulfillment of the apostasy in the first century church.

The Papacy goes all the way back to St. Peter the Apostle.

The original one and the true one.

Catholics has the greatest desire to be the one church.

3 Eastern Orthodox Church

Read the Creed

Kept the same since the time of Jesus

4 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

There is no doubt that all faiths have truths that were established by the Lord during His time on the earth. There is also no doubt that when the apostles died and were unable to call new apostles and pass the priesthood keys to continue the work on the earth, we were set into the dark ages. Something had to take place to reestablish Christ's church, including the organization and priesthood keys.

Our faith is not without human frailty, however, it is full of Christ's doctrine, including loving God above all and you neighbors. It is not to take away from other faiths, but rather a fullness of all the truths taught by Christ.

Even in Bible times God ordained prophets and apostles to speak to, warn, and lead His people. Why would he do any less today? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has one prophet who has been ordained by the power of God to lead the true church. There are many people who claim the gift of prophecy with no evidence to back it up. This church has compelling evidence for repeated revelation from God in today's world. The Book of Mormon, translated by Joseph Smith- A mere farm boy, by the power of God. The word of wisdom, warning saints about drugs and alcohol BEFORE medical knowledge caught up with the practice. And the fact that we have many doctrines and policies that have not changed with the ever shifting world, and some policies that have changed in order to move farther from the policies of the world and closer to the kingdom of God.

You can't prove the Book of Mormon false, you think you can, call the Missionaries

People that call our church stupid or dumb need to understand that even if you disagree with what we believe in, then at least look at us. We are kind, give to the needy, focus on family, and God. We believe some one followed the advice of the Bible, and had a vision, like Abraham, Noah, or Moses. We believe in God, and Jesus Christ. If you don't agree with us, then respect us.

5 Jehovah's Witnesses

The only faith as an organisation that refuses to kill their fellowman. No soldiers in this religion.

The only faith who are educated in scripture to an exceptionally high degree. And are therefore deemed ministers of God when they progress to baptism.

The only faith who willingly face ridicule and Hatred for doing as Christ instructed, preaching the good news of the kingdom.
As a point of interest the focus of going door to door is two fold / to search for interested ones and to sound a warning that the current system is on borrowed time. People aren't forced to listen, but they are given ample opportunity to do so.

The only faith that want quality not quantity of believers. Jesus didn't want lip service, he wanted people who were willing to put forth effort

The only faith to obey Jesus instruction to love their neighbour and preach the good news of the kingdom (evidence above)

All their members knows how to open and read the Bible and knows the real teachings of the Bible

I get lonely at my house and a nice Jehovah has been keeping me entertained for a while. It is obvious they are fake but I think it is funny to listen to their crap.

Yep it is the truth every other one lie

6 Seventh-day Adventist Church

This church is starting to fall. It is the true church, but the SDAs want to be like the world, making a worldly church. What a shame.

Based on bible and bible alone

Sad really I also feel this church has fallen


7 The United Methodist Church
8 New Apostolic Church
9 Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry

This is the only one church that changes your life, heal your sickness without take a any medicine just realise a 100% faith unto God. the all members of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY is have a testimonies miracles happen and proven to our life.

The true church of Jesus is the church where Jesus is considered as the center of worship, the only LOrd and God of mankind where signs and wonders are evident to those who believe in Him. The church leader has the passion to lay his life sacrificing through longer prayer and fasting whereby these are weapons that JMCIM is using to hear prayer. These are the weapons to fight against all evil works in the mighty name of Jesus. Great things made it happen and impossible thing to man made it possible to Lord God Jesus Christ through the prayers of the end time prophet of our time Hon. Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda. All glory honor and praise to our dearest Lord God Jesus Christ!

JMCIM is the true church of the living GOD with signs, wonders & miracles attested by every member of this ministry. PRAISE THE LORD! GLORY TO GOD!

Praise the LORD! To all viewers and voters of this site this is the TRUE CHURCH OF OUR LIVING GOD to GOD be all the Glory...

10 Baptist

The Contenders

11 Churches of Christ
12 Members Church of God International
13 Westboro Baptist Church

If this is the church that represents Jesus Christ then the bible has His ministry and message completely wrong. Also the apostles had the message all wrong... And also the reformers had it all wrong... Wait a second this is definitely NOT the church that represents Jesus. Amen.

Haha more like most likely to be farthest away from the truth

This church is a cult filled with stupid bigots who can't think or use logic. - SammySpore

This is not a church it's an evil cult and yours truly Fred phelps Sr is the antichrist.

14 Episcopalian/Anglican

Royal Family

15 Presbyterian

Presbyterianism is Christianity

Closest to the Word of God. Reformed Faith.

16 Lutheran

It's the best most true church

17 Orthodox
18 Church of the Nazarene
19 United Pentecostal

They believe in the true doctrine of the New Testament, baptism in Jesus' name, in filling of the Holy Ghost, and the oneness of God. - dschreck

This is the one church that fufills the gospel of christ with full emersion baptism and people being filled with the holy ghost every service it is always having revival and miracles. try to find the nearest upc church and go to it. you will not regret it

20 Quakers
21 Church of the Brethren
22 The Pentecostal Mission
23 Foursquare Gospel
24 Messianic Jews
25 Coptic Church
26 Protestant
27 Pentecostal/Charismatic
28 Congregational/United Church of Christ
29 Assemblies of God
30 Evangelical
31 Church of God
32 Disciples of Christ
33 Mennonite
34 Born Again
35 United Church of Christ
36 Moravians
37 Amish
38 Hutterites
39 Waldensians
40 International Circle of Faith
41 Church of God in Christ
42 New Life Fellowship
43 IRM Evangelical Church
44 Church of God by Faith
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