Top Ten Cigarette Brands In Bangladesh

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1 Marlboro

Marlboro Advance is really an advance cigarette. It has active charcoal in its filter ( tear the filter after smoking to see ), which makes it very lung friendly and it has light yet unique flavor.

I always like to have this but unfortunately, now it's not available. Would someone tell me what happened to this brand?

What ever brands of cigarettes I smoke, no other cigarette is enjoyable like Marlboro advance. I am missing it badly for a few days. Hope they will come back soon.

Verry good this one I like this

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2 B & H

I always like to smoke with B & H. When I smoke I feel pretty good. I like the flavor. It has a limited harm I know but it gives me good time.

I like it

B & H is the best! I love Benson Regular!

I put the box down on the table and straight away its clear who's the boss.

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3 GoldLeaf

Best For Ever...

Gold leaf is the in the World...
Only real smokers knows that.

It's the best within budget

Gold leaf bears the real taste of a perfect cigarette for the men...

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4 Black



Light but will give you a good time

It's really good..

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5 Dunhill

Dunhill blue

I smoke every cigarette available in here. Marlboro Advance Clear Sense is unique than any others so I only go for this or the Dunhill Silver Switch (SilverblueSwitch).. Both are super additive as well - Silverxx

I'm a chain smoker, I have tested most of the cigarette which are available in Bangladesh. My opinion is DUNHILL is the best. It has it's own Standard. DUNHILL just make me feel the differences. REFRESHINGLY DIFFRRENT.

I am nonsmoker but for first cigarette taste I research Dunhill more better and less nicotine and tar

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6 Ganja

Only gaja is real...

Its important for us

It's the best thing I can say!

Weed/ Marijuana or cannabis or ganja what ever you say but it's the best I have heard that its available in “Marlboro M" named cigarette but couldn't get ny where hope one it will be legal in an Bangladesh too like some of other western countries too...

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7 Captain Black

Well this one has got a sweet flavour and the message that smoking is just no more just SMOKING at all!
I like the joe one and smoke this on regular basis

Want to be able to buy these things in the uk man

I like the sweet Joe

Joe black is AwESSSome...

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8 Derby

Best cigar for students and other. I can't live without derby

Best Budget cigarette in Bangladesh. Strong, Smooth and Full Flavored. Caters to people of all levels..

Supper brand for every people...


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9 Mond

It is very nice

It's a very nice flavour

It's light, and it's perfect for novice smokers.


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10 Gudam-Gram

I just can't quit smoking because of this cigarette. I just can't resist myself when I see this. I'm smoking this for long six years and now a days this is the only brand I am smoking. I gave this cigarette a nick name I call it " GG ". It is truly great...

I love everything about this cigarette. Especially the sweet flavor it leaves on the lips.

Its like heaven smoke... Love it to have.. Gives good pleasure

Its outstanding,I like it a lot

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11 Esse

It's lower harmful than other brands I have been smoke ever before..

It is ultra light cigarette in market very good for people

Esse is good for first people want to taste tobaco it not addicted I smoke it after 10days I not smoking I am nonsmoker


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12 555

State Express 555! The classiest cigarette ever! Tastes nice. It is perhaps best known for its sponsorship of Motor sports by British American Racing at the very end of the 90's mainly by Honda. However, at the beginning of 2000, they were under a lot of pressure to drop tobacco sponsorship under the new European Union (EU) legislation. Two years ago, Honda adopted a uniform with no sponsorship logos at all except for Earth - to raise environmental awareness.

The Best Cigarette I ever have smoked. It makes you feel classy

I want to bye


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13 Hollywood

Don't smoke this , you are going to get some serious cough and headache. This cigarette is an ideal paper foil replacement for weed smokers.

Nyc cigarette.

Hollywood is best.

Hollywood is good too. cheap thing yet amazing.

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14 Sheikh

Another popular low segment cigarette, but quality is not as good as Star. In fact, Sheikh is a poor old mans cigarette.

Am want starting bussiness cigarette in here and my country

15 Palmall

Its less hard light and lower injurious to health I think.

It's so light. And it save money!

It's good, but not the best


16 Star

Star is the king of low segment cigarette. Strong flavor, made for men with iron-lungs. Those who have lesser budget for smoking and love hard strong nicotine, then this cigarette will be your best friend. Their lights version, starlight is fine as well. Both have spicyness in their nicotine level.

Star is the best...

I love Star

17 Marlboro Gold

Marlboro Gold is for smart & elegant people. This is the best cigarette in Bangladesh.

Simply best taste

My favorite one!


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18 Navy

Mind blowing ciggarete

Navy was pretty good once. In fact it was the highest selling low segment cigarette in Bangladesh. Very popular in the past. After arrival of Sheikh and the popularity of Star, gave navy some tough competition. Now it's just merely surviving. It had a nice smooth aroma. It needs to rebrand and relaunch itself.

Navy is my best brand

Awesome cigarette.

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19 Djarum Black

I need this brand Djarum..its really awesome
where I find it...please tell me

20 Akij Biri

Its our products

Hand-made, poor quality, your lungs will burn, approach with caution!

If you want to die fast, with filthy smell, then please smoke this. The most basic-to the core cigarette ever made

It is the gate way to dead don't have even a fliter

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21 Pine Prime

Pine strawberry is my love..

Pine Prime Strawberry Is My Favourite Cigarette.It Taste Very Good..

Strawberry flavor sei penik

Mama chorom shanti ase.

22 Benson

So costly..


23 Marlboro Red

The premium and smoothest cigarette

24 Winston

One of Best

I first smoked this cigarette in USA, but now a days this is also available here in Bangladesh. A good cigarette with affordable cost.

Global brand. Premium quality at affordable price. Unique and relaxing taste.

It's better then others

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25 Pilot

Pilot is the best tobacco product...
It save our money...
" Soron talukder"

26 Drebay

Its good best.

It's a student goldleaf

27 Abul Bari

Soothing taste this you great

28 Oris
29 Express
30 Next
31 Palm City

Price koto

32 Manchester Light
33 10N

It Is An awesome Chigarette Like BLack...

34 Java Black

It's a product of international tobacco. it's popular for its aromatic smell and it's a low cost premium brand cigarette


Java black is a great cigarette,biri ever made in Bangladesh because it looks excellent with the high quality black coating

35 Bimol Biri
36 Caspian

An Iranian brand :D

37 Wills Kings

I Just Love.. Whoever want to save money along with smoking tasty cigarettes, like B&H or gold leaf light, then you can easily shift to this...

38 Born
39 Mehar
40 Luvin
41 Subodh Bidi
42 Golden Puspo
43 Absolute

Classy Indonesian cigarette but with a slightly stronger taste than black and a slightly little less hard than gudang of the best clove cigarette I have ever tasted till date...with its certain rich elegant aroma it really is a treat...

44 Tarun Biri

Tane tane santi

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