Best Cigarette Brands In the UK

The Top Ten

1 Camel

Camel is the damn thing.

2 B&H

Good for you I don't smoke at all.

I smoke benson and hedges for a while not to strong either

Proper pucker especially gold, 100s were a treat what a blem ey

3 Pall Mall
4 Mayfair
5 More
6 Dunhill
7 Sterling
8 Lambert and Butler

Gotta love a good old blue, and I’m not on about the kind that Junkies like

9 Regal

Smooth satisfying strong draw. Great taste and throat hit. Nicotine level is just right.

10 Marlboro Reds

The Contenders

11 JPS
12 Sovereign
13 Rothmans King Size

I am smoking rothmans king size 20s not a bad cigarette a very nice taste

14 Chesterfield
15 Embassy
16 Superkings
17 Karelia
18 Windsor Blue
19 Richmond
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