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201 Peter Jackson Menthol

Nice body, excellent taste, and very smooth!

202 Liggett Ducat

It's not he gets and I heard it's coming to the U.S. For cheap. Awesome!

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203 Bond Street

Nice smooth cigarette cheaper than the major brands

Not the best but a very good bloody hit

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204 Scissors V 1 Comment
205 Marcopolo
206 MT
207 Crowns
208 Mark Ten

Offered in original or classic version.

209 Kerala Dinesh Beedi

Splendid taste, very cheap its not a cigar but a life style. best hand made cigars

210 Cohiba

Just the best. Excelent flavor while you are smoking and after.

211 Black Mini Sumatra Filter
212 Sterling

Cheap, common and very nice

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213 Sterling Fresh Taste

Best cigarettes on the market. Smooth taste and ball to click and releases a fresh mint taste which tastes better than original menthol.

214 Hi-Lite

I've been smoking hi lite for the last 5 years & believe me nothing matches its taste

215 Bronson
216 JPS Eternal Red

My favourite ciggerette brand either in pouch or in tailored ciggerettes JPS Red. But I like it for its taste and it's cheap.

217 Klembak Menyan
218 Port Royal

Most expensive smoke in New Zealand very good smoke and doesn't burn out fast.

219 Master

Master cigarettes are very popular. Produced in Armenia.

220 Sundance

Do they make these anymore? I remember buying these because they are cheap. We're talking $1.50 a pack.

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