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221 Sundance

Do they make these anymore? I remember buying these because they are cheap. We're talking $1.50 a pack.

222 Longbeach V 1 Comment
223 Champion Ruby V 2 Comments
224 Horizon Yellow
225 Dunhill Fine Cut Blue
226 Prime Time

Even though a Prime Time is more of a cigar, they are by far the best kind you can get out there. They are so smooth, they smell and taste amazing, and they look very nice. Plus they are only $5.00 a pack. I would recommend the grape or cherry flavor.

These are amazing I love most flavors and even then they don't have the papery taste most cigarettes have which I don't particularly like so these are all I smoke now

227 Gudang Garam

It's my favourite though I'm 18 I like it a lot

Tried this one in Indonesia, when I get back to Australia, I really stopped smoking, I didn't have any feeling to smoke the popular western cigarettes anymore. This one is the best.

Gudang Garam, irrespective of everything else, is a cigarette that has redefined the sweetest way possible!

You don't hold a cigarette, you hold a piece of art when you smoke it

V 11 Comments
228 D & R Ramback Gold
229 A Mild V 1 Comment
230 U Mild
231 369 Mild
232 Star Mild
233 Delta
234 Ticos
235 Marlboro Beyond

My favorite ones, they're really amazing!

236 Atu
237 Classic Verve
238 Classic Menthol Rush
239 Classic Citrus

I like the cool smell of the citric smell from the cigarette

240 Gold Flake Superstar

Substitute of gold flake and much cheaper

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