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241 Gold Flake Superstar

Substitute of gold flake and much cheaper

242 Moment Satin
243 Apache
244 57

Itsss really good, its IranIAN cigarette and its not as famous as other but its good - Mohammadhkh

245 Shiraz

Persian cigarette like this is great!

V 1 Comment
246 Studio

The nastiest and cheapest Canadian smokes :P they taste like gasoline it's pretty disgusting.

One of the cheapest, but tastes like a premium brand.
Plus, as a musician, anything "studio" related is awesome in my books.

247 Lado V 1 Comment
248 Flake Excel
249 Shikhar

Cheap Nepalese cigarettes. Very strong and good taste for money.

250 Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter
251 Pi├ža
252 Gladstone
253 Rodeo Lights

Amazing flavour never tried this taste before unbelievable taste makes a nice feling on the throat and very nice to have one before sleep

254 Boss Classic

Amazing smoke I'm 78 years old never tried some think this good while on holidays in Europe

255 Vardar

This is a very strong smoke but nice and cheap in Europe

256 Benston

Top very good smoke similar to west-red

257 Classic Mild V 1 Comment
258 Ducado Rubio

Indeed one of the best tabacco to roll, and its got a taste like lemon.

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259 Farias
260 Kay 2

I love kay 2 for Joint

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